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What Parents & the wider community have to say about San Siôr

Parents wrote to the Daily Post explaining why San Sior should be voted the greenest school in the UK. Below are some of the responses. Thank you so much. Your support meant that we won £60,000 worth of energy saving projects for the school, including Solar Panels. Winning these Solar Panels means so much to the school.

We were featured on BBC Countryfile and below are Tweets that were copied from our Twitter account

  • Food for Life :Huge congratulations on your #countryfile appearance. You are doing some inspirational work!#Jamie’sKitchenGarden :Yes what a fantastic job! Really great to see everything the school is doing on @bbccountryfile
  • RSPB Conwy: Great to see @SanSior on Countryfile tonight, a school that really ‘gets’ nature education, thanks to great leadershipSian Richardson: what a great way to highlight the ethos of a wonderful school !
  • WeeklyNewsLlandudno:Well done @SanSior what a great advert for the town
  • Karen Gates@KarenGates1  : Fantastic to see your school on BBC Country File. We are very proud of your efforts as a @wwf_uk #GreenAmbassadors school!
  • GeographySRG@GeographySRG  :Congratulations on the @bbccountryfile show last night, superb to see such an active #ecoschool#Ardderchog #Inspirational
  1. Gareth Wyn Jones: Yes we need to connect our children with growing food and keeping animals and learing about nature
  2. Lydiate‏@biglydiate: be interesting to see if there is improved school work due to the hands on work the pupils in Llandudno do
  3. Gareth Wyn Jones‏: Keeping animals can only improve any childs life and help with education of food production
  4. James Anthony Beary‏: I thought it was fantastic!
  5. Gareth Wyn Jones‏ :Yes agree it was fantastic well done #Countryfile for sharing

John Millington: Great to see you on Countryfile. Magnificent effort!

Julian Hughes:They are brilliant at @SanSior, and their pupils are expert moth-ers thanks to their mothman headteacher

  • Countryfile Magazine :Fantastic school farming project on #countryfile. Fresh air and learning where food comes from
  • 3D Eye: Well done everyone. A pleasure to see children enjoying the outdoors and being creative with the curriculum. #countryfile
  • Lynne Williams:What a great piece on @SanSior on @BBCOne CountryFile tonight – inspiring education
  • YJB Year 7:Delighted to turn on BBC countryfile this evening and see @SanSior – students working with chickens. Superb stuff!
  • Steve Blakesley: Llongyfarchiadau i bawb. Superb piece on BBC Countryfile. What a way to showcase Welsh education. Just brilliant!
  • Dafydd Thomas‏: gret gweld yr ysgol ar Country File gwaith arbennig
  • Paul Eele: sounds like some staff of the future for us then 🙂 Can’t beat inspiring teachers
  • Swiss Valley Garden‏:Great effort by pupils&staff.Also well done #countryfile for bringing their great work to the attention of UK audience
  • Mawdesley St Peter’s: Congratulations on this evening’s informative display on @bbccountryfile It was #inspirational Well done to pupils and staff!


A friend of mine recently told me, after her first visit to Ysgol San Sior, “It’s like going to a farm!”.When you walk into the school reception you are giving a friendly welcome not just by the kind and lovely staff and children who will politely greet and hold open a door for you, but by a whole range of unexpected creatures: chameleons, geckos, fish, tortoises and things I do not yet know the names of, but that my daughter who attends the school does. I love that when I send my daughter – and my son before her – to school, she learns not only maths and english and reading comprehension and all the normal things to learn at school, to a very high level, but also gets to learn about the world around her in a hands-on way. She gets to plant and harvest vegetables that then go onto children’s plates at dinner times. (Seeing my daughter come home from school with rosy cheeks and muddy wellies makes me so happy). She gets to feed and care for chickens, and again, the eggs produced go on to be used in the school canteen. She gets to handle and care for creatures from other countries; just a couple of weeks ago I came to pick her up from the school’s eco club and she had a huge chameleon climbing up her arm, It is wonderful! I would never be able to give her these experiences.At the recent school fair I had wrappers and bits of foil from sweets and was looking around for somewhere to put all this trash – momentarily forgetting that they have no rubbish bins! You have to stop and think, right what rubbish do I have? and then sort it into the proper recycling containers. There is no laziness about waste at Ysgol San Sior. A couple of years ago the children and staff built a greenhouse out of discarded plastic bottles and now they are moving onto to making a shed out of plastic bottles filled up with plastic film that can not be recycled. This is such a great way, I feel, to not only help children to be aware of how much waste we produce, but their parents too. I have a milk bottle on my kitchen window at the moment filling up with bits of wrappers from cheese and cereal packets and sweet wrappers, I had no idea we used so much plastic film on a daily basis and I’m glad that this is all going to building something that the children can use instead of being put in a landfill where it can take hundreds of years to decompose. The rubbish collector is getting fewer bits of rubbish from our household every week. So I am getting an education as well as my daughter.I have volunteered in quite a few schools and kids clubs around Wales and I have never come across a place that is just so committed to reducing their carbon footprint. I am impressed.Christine Gill, mum of Freya.
Dear Antonia Jones,
We are year 5 pupils of Ysgol San Sior, our class is called Dosbarth Gogarth.
We’re writing because we think Ysgol San Sior should win the Daily Post British Gas Schools Competition because we are an eco friendly school, but we would like to be even greener.
Ysgol San Sior is already eco friendly because we:
  • Recycle, reduce, re-use: e.g. greenhouse made out of 2,000 recycled plastic bottles; we make our own compost; we have no rubbish bins in our classrooms.
  • In our class we say, “Make it green.” We switch off lights when not needed, we don’t leave things on stand by and we only have the heating on when needed.
  • We use hippo bags in the toilets to save water.
  • We have chickens and we use their eggs to eat and their poo to compost.
  • Our log cabins are made from local wood so less pollution from transportation.
  • We grow our own vegetables much to the satifaction of our local goats.
  • We care for our local wildlife.
  • We have already gained an Eco Flag.
We and Ysgol San Sior would benefit from having solar panels because:
  • It will lessen pollution.
  • It will lower our electricty bill.
  • We will be even greener.
  • We could make some money that will go towards our education.
We have a saying made up from San Sior:
Saving All Natural Surroundings Is Our Responsibility.
Please consider our school as a candidate for the greenest school in the UK.
Yours Sincerely
Dosbarth Gogarth
My daughter attends Ysgol San Sior in year 5 and it is with her in mind that I would like ysgol San Sior to win the British gas Competition. The School under mr Jones has set a trend in Conwy that it unsurpassed with its recycling and other inititives.On a simple level my daughter brings home all her rubbish (packed lunch). She recycles all her own items and makes sure we do too!!!The walk to school scheme adopted by the school was inspirational. So many children walk now and yes they get a badge for it, but they feel really proud to do so. And in all weathers too.She especially enjoyed collecting empty drinks bottles to turn into a greenhouse. The activities in the school which revolve around the pond and the various animals are a favourite of all the children. I know because she tells me of the”fights” involved to clean the pond…Not only are San Sior educating my children with the core subjects of education but more importantly they are intstilling in my children a love for their world.This level of education is above and beyond anything that other schools are offering I could go on about everything my school offers but I have kept it to the things that affect my little girl.Mr Jones is a dynamic headmaster whose love of his enviroment should be rewarded, in my opinion!!Please can Ysgol San Sior win the competition!!!!We love what our school is doing.Yours SincerelyMrs M E Best (and Summer Best)
Dear Antonia,
We would like to support Ysgol San Sior in Llandudno to help them win the British Gas solar panels competition.
We have 2 children at the school in year 2 and reception class and since starting there they have both flourished both edcationally and personally. When we looked round the school we were amazed at the range of animals and eco facilities at the school as our older daughter was educated at another school in the town when she was of primary age and the difference between the two schools and their Eco values was a complete contrast with San Sior winning hands down. My 2 youngest children have been taught how to care for the animals in the school and the environment around them, my youngest daughter (Age 5) was very excited last week coming home telling me she had been learning about nocturnal animals and that Mr Jones had brought one of his toads into her class giving them a real life experience of a nocturnal animal hopping around the classroom – how many headteachers bring toads into school on a regular basis? The school have a wide range of animals from chickens to stick insects and chameleons with many unusual species being housed around the school. There is also a butterfly garden as well as many other outdoor areas including a new wooden science hut and a greenhouse made out of plastic bottles which the children were encouraged to collect from home and it was then built by the children, The children get to experience the outdoors in all weathers showing the schools comitment to nature & the environment.
The school is a binless school and the children & staff have to recycle everything, they have recycling bins for various materials all around the school and the children sort their own rubbish into the correct recycling bins which has taught them all awareness of the materials they are using and disposing of. My son loves recycling at home telling us,our neighbours, family & friends what & what not to recycle and which bins to use and oe betide anyone that uses the wrong one. He is looking forward to being able to join the schools Eco club next year when he is old enough to do so. The children also get to grow and plant flowers, vegetables and other plants in the schools gardens and are taken on various nature walks in the surrounding area. They are also taught healthy eating with only fruit allowed at break times and if they have a packed lunch it has to be a healthy one and water fountains are also placed around the school so that the children can refill their own water bottles to sip during class. Mr Jones is very hands on in all these activities and his enthusiasm and love of nature & obscure animals helps to enthuse the children in all their activities. The school has strong links with Madagascar and after a visit by Mr Jones in the summer the children were all shown videos and pictures and taught about how the Madagascan people live as well as all being given a Monkey Puzzle tree seed to grow at home as well as growing some in the school.
We feel the school not only deserves this prize but that the school and the pupils would benefit greatly from the solar panels as the school is community funded and the money they will save on fuel bills will be ploughed directly back into resources for the school and the children.
Mr & Mrs D Wharfe
parents of Max and Pollyanna Wharfe

I am writing in support of my son’s school in your Daily Post British Gas schools competition. The first thing you notice as you enter the school is the energy and enthusiasm shown by the Head teacher Mr Ian Jones, he showed us the variety of animals that live at the school including Chickens, chameleons and stick insects but to name a few, I was amazed! Next he told us of how the children were in contact with other schools in Africa and how they were finding out about how each other lives, giving the children an insight to how other countries go about there daily lives but with very different surroundings and cultures.


It is clear that the students of all ages are actively encouraged to get involved in all the schools initiatives. They have a weekly eco club as well as a school eco council who ensure the pupils ideas are put inbto action. It was infact on the pupil’s suggestion that the school became litter free. This was put into action immediately and all waste is recycled, separating food waste to plastic, paper, and foil etc.

The school grounds alone offer many opportunities for the children. There is a butterfly garden where the habitat has been created in the hope moths and butterflies will visit. Rare moths have also been known to be found at Ysgol San Sior! A pond can be found within the butterfly gardens and pond dipping is a past-time many children enjoy doing during their free time at the school. The pond has been installed with underwater cameras and the children are enthused when learning about the creatures in such a real, up close and personal fashion. A recent addition to the butterfly garden is a big log cabin, where the children can go and sit, relax and enjoy their surroundings.

Ysgol San Sior is not only a school that is deserving in this competition but also one who would make winning this competition part of their plans to further reduce the energy used. It is a truly impressive school and would be a way of rewarding all the staff and pupils hard work.
Lisa Jones
My son started at the school in September of this year joining year 6 when we moved to Llandudno from Solihull in the West Midlands. To say we have been astounded by the school’s Eco commitment would be a major understatement. Having been used to the odd bit of paper recycling being classed as Eco Friendly at his previous school, we were amazed when being shown around Ysgol San Sior at the extent of what can be done when everyone puts in a bit of time and effort.The children are incredibly proud of their Eco achievements and flying the Eco flag. It is a binless school and everything is recycled. The children sort their own rubbish, they grow plants, flowers and vegetables and use from water buts to save water, there are chickens, fantastic animals in all the classrooms a butterfly garden, ponds – everything that is usually seen on school trips are there in the school grounds. There is even a greenhouse made out of plastic bottles with plans for another one made from waste that cannot be recycled. The Eco club also raised money at the Christmas Fair by planting and growing Monkey Puzzle and Christmas Trees to help wildlife and people in Madagascar – so it is not only at the school that the Eco efforts are recognised.Winning the solar panels would be a major acknowledgment of the hard work of the children, Mr Jones and the staff at Ysgol San Sior and allow the school to be seen as an example to other schools of what can be done for the environment with with a bit of effort. The prize would also benefit the school considerably by saving on fuel bills so that funds can be given back to the school to benefit our children and their education.Yours sincerelySally Paveley (mum of Max in Year 6)
I am writing to nominate ysgol San sior, Llandudno to win the British gas schools competition.Ysgol San sior are very proud of being an Eco school, mr jones the staff and the children work hard to look after our environment recycling everything and becoming a waste free school. Children as young as three are recycling on a daily basis it is becoming a second Nature to them. San sior give the children so many wonderful experiences and opportunities including taking care of chameleons tortoise and other various other animals, taking care of the vegetable plots, pond dipping, collecting freshly laid eggs, building their own green house made out of plastic bottles, The list is endless! The children have had various lessons on reducing reusing and recycling which really shows when you see how competent the children are in doing so.Ysgol San sior is unique and winning this competition would be an amazing achievement for a very deserving Eco friendly school. Ann Williams.

I am writing to support the nomination for Ysgol San Sior to win the solar panels offered by British Gas Generation Green. I believe San Sior truly deserve the solar panels to complete their Eco-School credentials, they already fly the Eco Flag and regularly practice green living and principles with their Environmental Review and Action Plan. By installing the solar panels, the school could then have the whole eco package!!

Thank you for your consideration.

Kim Wilkinson

We are writing to you to express our support for Ysgol San Sior in the Eco competition to win the solar panels as we think they thoroughly deserve it.
We moved to Llandudno 2 years ago and coming from rural mid Wales, me myself had been brought up on a farm and went to a local village school that prided itself on caring for it’s surrounding and bringing the community together through this. On our arrival to Llandudno I had doubts in my mind that I could find a school that even came close to these values. But after talking to many local residents I soon found that Ysgol San Sior was regarded in the town as the school that was ‘Top of its class’ so of course we had to go and see for ourselves.
The first thing I noticed was the energy and enthusiasm shown by the Head teacher Mr Ian Jones, he showed us the variety of animals that live at the school including Chickens, chameleons and stick insects but to name a few, I was amazed! Next he told us of how the children were in contact with other schools in Africa and how they were finding out about how each other lives, giving the children an insight to how other countries go about there daily lives but with very different surroundings and cultures.
Mr Jones described to us how they encourage hands on learning for the children hence giving them a very real idea of how the world works and how simple day to day things can help to look after our environment and create a better world for their future. He went on to say about the praise and rewards given to children for saving resources by e.g. walking to school instead of using a car (when possible) and how they have their own garden where the children grow the vegetables which end up on their dinner plates after harvest, which i thought was very inspiring.

One of the after school activities provided by the school is an ‘Eco club’ which I was very excited about and couldn’t wait for my son to join, getting stuck into Pond dipping, Bird box investigations, planting and lots of other fun out door activities. By the time me and my husband had left the school after our tour we were adamant that this was the school for our son! Then, reading through the literature we had been given about the school I was stunned to see how many official recognition the school have been presented with shown at the bottom of their Headed paper, for example ‘Llandudno in Bloom’ is Awarded to them year after year, demonstrating the dedication of the Head Teacher, staff and children to set a Bench Mark for how all schools could strive to be.

Of course we did everything in our power to get our son into Ysgol San Sior and after 2 exciting years we watch with delight as our son flourishes in all aspects of his school life. The school is often in the paper for its Eco achievements. The one that i remember well is that the children had built a green house out of plastic bottles, which combined recycling with creative thinking and the practical work of construction, which the children can be proud of forever more. Embracing character building and confidence in the children. Unfortunately, nature decided it wanted to be in the press too, as one of the wild goats that famously come down from the Great Orme in search of food, sadly slipping from the steep ground behind the school, crashing straight though the Children’s green house, this was a very sad day, but Ysgol San Sior clearly demonstrates that it will not be defeated by such tragedy.

The fact that they have been short listed for this Eco prize goes to show how much they deserve it, declaring themselves as a bin free school, therefore saving valuable money which can be put to better use educating our children and preparing them for a better future.
As a parent the prospect of our school winning these solar panels will show recognition of their ongoing efforts. I feel very strongly that this prize will benefit Ysgol San Sior immensely and will take them to new heights of energy saving and self achievement, something that our school prides itself on.
M & D Taylor – Parents of Tristan Y3
I am writing to express my support for Ysgol San Sior in their bid to win your competition.

My daughter is now in her final year at the school & I cannot praise the staff highly enough for their efforts in teaching the children how to care for the environment both locally & worldwide. The school is fantastic in all areas but especially so in nature & environmental issues. My daughter is now the year 6 representative on the schools Eco Council & loves giving mum & dad an update on her new findings.
The school is now bin less & this saves considerable amounts in refuse collection costs. The eggs from the chickens kept in the school grounds are used for the cookery classes. Initiatives such as the ‘walk to school’ scheme are embraced by Mr Jones & his colleagues & their enthusiasm is always transferred on to the children.
San Sior holds the Eco Flag & has been recognised as the best at recycling in Conwy County. As a community funded school, San Sior would benefit hugely if they were to win the competion & I would be very excited to see how the money saved in enrgy costs would be spent.
Thank you for your consideration.
Gaenor Loftus – parent.
We are writing to support Ysgol San Sior in their application to receive the £65000 prize of Solar Panels.Both our children go to this school, and I am continually impressed by their ongoing efforts to be environmentally aware, and the way that they involve the children in all manner of environmental activities. My 4 year old is very aware of the importance of recycling and insists that taking out the bottles and the plastic is his job! My 6 year old is aware of saving energy, and insists on switching off all lights and electrical items – sometimes when they’re still in use!The Head’s recent visit to Madagascar helped to fire the children’s imagination in regard to bio-diversity, and this is the first school that I’ve ever heard of where the reception is populated by all manner of reptiles and nature which the children adore.If I had £65000, we would donate it ourselves – but we don’t….. So please could you donate it for us?!Kind regardsKarl & Cheryl Zierold
I am writing to nominate San Sior school to win the British Gas competition.I have one child attending the nursery at San Sior and can honestly say that the first impression that you get from the school is how passionate they are about the environment and natural world. I could list all the schemes the school the school has in place but understand that the other parents have already informed you of the numerous ways the school cares for green issues.I truly believe that it would mean a great amount to the school, staff and pupils to win this competition and would be testament to the time and effort they spend caring for their environment and it’s inhabitants.Please reward San Sior for all their hard work, as i and many, many others believe them to be the most deserving of winning this competition.Yours truly,Nadine(mum to Layla)

I am writing to support the bid for Solar Panels at Ysgol Santsior Llandudno.

Ian Jones, and his staff and pupils, have consistently developed the schools eco credentials over many years and they are completely committed to sustainability and promoting a positive message through their actions and articles in the press.

It would be excellent if all the hard work of the school could be recognised by them winning this prestigious competition.

I am visiting Ysgol Santsior tomorrow to see the grounds so that I can further develop my own school grounds. Ian is most welcoming and very keen to share good practice and, if his bid was to be successful, the Solar Panels would be another outstanding feature of this remarkable school.

Kind regards

Andrew Roberts Headteacher St George Church in Wales School, St George, Abergele, Conwy LL22 9BU (01745 833213)

I am inspired to write to you by the enthusiasm of the children of Ysgol San Sior for their numerous Eco friendly projects, which are now a very natural part of daily life at the school. The children are able to enjoy learning in a very natural environment surrounded by creatures which many would not expect to see in a Primary school.They thoroughly enjoy caring for a wide range of animals and gain valuable skills in return. The school has an endless list of initiatives in place such as an Eco Council, the importance of healthy living, bringing fruit only at break times, outstanding gardens, recycling which has been taken to a higher level, to name just a few.

It would indeed be difficult to find a more environmentally friendly school. Mr. Jones has a constant supply of new ideas and initiatives which inspire the children to see caring for the environment as a natural way of life rather than something which they need to make an effort to do.They see the importance of caring for our natural resources. All age groups are given the opportunity to thrive in using the opportunities which the wider environment holds, not simply learning in a classroom situation. The chance to win these solar panels would help extend all of the excellent work which has taken place so far.


Susan Jones


I am writing to support

Ysgol San Sior in your Daily Post British Gas Schools Competition. As a parent of both a former and current pupil of
Ysgol San Sior I believe that they deserve to win the Solar Panels for all the hard work they do above and beyond to make it the best school. There is a sense of pride when your children attend
Ysgol San Sior as the school’s reputation is outstanding and you know their day will be diverse and fun filled. Mr Jones, Head Teacher, and his staff are very enthusiastic and this is reflected by the pupils.

The school recycles paper, plastic, metal, cardboard and compost all garden waste. They also have Eco Warriors who visit each class at the end of each day to check that all classes have correctly used the recycling bins around the school. There are also Energy monitors who go around the classrooms checking lights etc.

The school encourages children to walk to school using an award scheme and letters are emailed.

Mr Jones and the Eco Council are always looking for new ideas and winning the solar panels would be the ultimate prize.

Many Thanks

Deb Mitchell (Grace and Lola’s mum)

San Sior would be a most deserving winner of solar panels. Mr Jones’s passion and enthusiasm for environmental science has stemmed over many, many years. At San Sior he has been able to further cultivate his passion for the environment in so many different ways, resulting in the children having the best education in environmental science that they could possibly have. It has been 13 years since my own son was at San Sior, but even back then, there were always creatures! In fact, that it inspired him so much that for a time he wanted to be an Entomologist!

Based in the office, I am surrounded by living creatures of all kinds. I may not like all of them and often shriek in horror when any escape (much to the great amusement of the children who often have to rescue them!!) I have gained affinity with the oldest chameleon, Mash, and we acknowledge that each other are there, where he looks at me from the top corner of his habitat! What better accolade could I have than being named after the Frog. Mr Jones thinks she is lovely….mmm. It maybe the only creature that bites, but I hope the same cannot be said of me!! I have learnt more about these living creatures from Mr Jones then I ever did in places like South America, Africa and Australia, etc.

I have always been aware of re-using paper and envelopes but along with the children, I am now learning a great deal about recycling of all products in the school. She, who was in the habit of throwing everything in the same pot and expecting someone else to sort it out! It is not only the children who are receiving an education. I’ve got a feeling that in the future after I have retired, I will be replaced by an aquarium or other exhibit of weird and wonderful creatures. San Sior is unique and should be a solar panel school!

I am writing in support of Ysgol San Sior as an eco school. Both of our youngest children go there are already very aware of their environment both localy and globaly. San Sior blurs the lines between school, farmyard and mini zoo, and if this isn’t enough the school also organises regular outings to discover more about our woodlands and coastline. The children are encouraged to walk or cycle to school, they back this up with rewards and providing a secure area to park bikes. Projects include making small buildings from what would otherwise become landfill. The inspiration behind all this is the Headteacher Mr Ian Keith Jones, his veins course with chlorophyll, his hairline is biodegrading gradually, and some say he gets to and from work by plasmolysis.Regards,Richard Jones (Father of Ben and Jiranat Jones)
My Name is Daniel Price and I am the Year 5 teacher at Ysgol San Sior, Llandundo. We are one of the schools in the running to win the prize of solar panels onto the roof our school.
As a teacher of at the school I know that the pupils will benefit from having the solar panels.
They will learn about the environmental benefits of using renewable sources of energy rather than energy created from fossil fuels or nuclear. I will teach them about the benefits of renewable resources but explaining also how we are still an energy dependant society that cannot, as yet, leave fossil fuels behind. From this we will look at energy saving in the school and at home.
In my class we say ‘make it green’ and the pupils know to turn off all devices that can be turned off.
From a school perspective we will look at the cost savings that we as a school can make from having solar panels. We will look at the savings and where we could divert money now being used to pay energy bills towards educational benefits. The school council would be involved in decision making when deciding what to do with any savings that could be made from the solar panels.
Parents will benefit as the school will be able to subsidise school trips so that parental costs can be reasonable.
I could go on about the benefits of having solar panels but there is really only one beneficiary and that is the pupils.
We now face a world where climate change linked with pollution is very probable. If we can educate pupils to make sensible decisions when coming to energusage this can only benefit their future. At ysgol San Sior we already educate our pupils to respect the environment, with the addition of solar panels we could be educating the next generation of ‘Green’ scientists.
Please consider Ysgol San Sior for the prize.
Yours Sincerely
Daniel Price
On behalf of Ysgol Glan Gele I would like to support the application of San Sior in the Solar Panels competition . They are a a flagship Eco school in Conwy and many Conwy schools would benefit if they were successful. We ask you to look favourably upon their bid.
Best Wishes
Julia Buckley Jones
In light of the Daily Post/ British Gas schools competition, I am writing in support of our eco friendly school, Ysgol San Sior, Llandudno.
I teach Year 4 children at San Sior and we endeavour daily to uphold eco principles throughout subjects e.g. recycling junk into chair sculptures in Art, or into Tudor shelters in Design Technoloy. Our Religious Education and PSHE curriculum, strives to instill a sense of treasuring the natural world and protecting it for future generations. In Science we investigate the recycling process and make a yearly visit to a recycling plant in Shropshire.
This alongside our recycling of everything into categorised bins, the school chickens, the menagarie of animals which we care for, the banishment of two industrial sized green bins, has already earned us our second Eco Schools flag. Bodies in the National Park, know of the work we do here and a Conwy Council representative felt ‘we could teach them more than they could teach us!’
Vikki Jones.
As you approach Ysgol San Sior you can see the green Eco Schools flag flown with pride at the entrance to the school. My daughter reminds me daily of the eco initiatives that her school actively encourages and promotes. Both teachers and pupils are passionate about their green credentials. The schools eco code this year is Don’t drop litte…recycle in school or home to the bin. Bins have been banned from school and almost everything is recycled. Paper, plastics, metals, batteries, cardboard. Even food and chicken waste is used to compost their wonderful school gardens!With wildlife ponds, moth traps, bird boxes, and chickens laying eggs to be used in the school kitchens, every aspect of the school encourages the pupils to think about their environment. Rain water is collected in water butts, whilst water hippos have been installed to save water usage in the school. This school constantly strives to improve its eco status, with eco councillors, eco warriors and a fantastic eco club! Ysgol San Sior deserves recognition of the commitment that has been invested in caring for the environment. How fantastic it would be if they were to be named the most eco-friendly school! Octavia Borland (parent of Katie Yr 5)

I am writing to nominate Ysgol San Sior as the most Eco-friendly school in North Wales.

Mr Jones, the staff and pupils encourage everyone to recycle and care for their environment and the importance of looking after the planet.

The school have no litter bins as everything is recycled. Yes, everything!

Pupils are encouraged to eat healthily by bringing fruit for snacks or fruit can be purchased from the fruit shop. Rare fruit trees have been planted with in the school grounds.The eggs from the hens and chickens they keep are used in the school dinners as well as the vegetables they grow and any waste gets composted.

A wild garden has been created to encourage bees, butterflies and other wild life. The children can watch and monitor the moth traps and the bird boxes around the gardens and are encouraged to help with the creatures they keep such as chameleons, tortoises, gecko’s and others.

The school have built a greenhouse from recycled plastic bottles and collect water for the gardens.

Children are encouraged to walk to school to help with the carbon footprint.

Every child plays apart in keeping their school and environment eco-friendly to which I give my full support.Keep up the good work Mr Jones and Ysgol San Sior!!

Yours sincerely


San-Sior school should win because we raise money for poor places. We recycle in special bins to reduce CO2. Other rubbish we take back home.

We grow plants for oxygen. So solar panels will give you electricity. they have very nice animals.
we lookafter and care for every animal at san sior..We made a green house made out of sticks and plastic bottles.Dennis Volkov and Wesley Gore Year 3
As a parent of both a former and current pupil of Ysgol San Sior , I am writing to sing their praises as a school. The teachers, especially head teacher, Ian Jones are so enthusiastic and committed to the school and pupils and want nothing more than to give their pupils the best start to education that they could possibly get and I wholeheartedly support them and the work that they do. I feel so very grateful to all of the staff at San Sior that they think so much of each and every pupil that they are willing to go the extra mile every day. Pupils are taught that the sky is the limit, no matter what your capabilities and that you can achieve whatever you set your heart on, and even if sometimes you don’t quite make it… That you have given it your all. What better message to give our children! This is echoed in their eco friendly message… “One school alone cannot change the world but my goodness it can have a mighty good go!” And San Sior most certainly give it a go!Ysgol San Sior is a small school making a huge impact on the community.Together, the teachers, parents and pupils have worked relentlessly towards becoming an amazingly successful Eco school. The enthusiasm is infectious and draws you in and makes you proud that you are a part of it. My children are often given the opportunity to experience the unusual at school, be it in the form of excursions or their afterschool clubs and it is down to the teaching staff going the extra mile for our children that they are privileged enough to have these experiences. I would love for San Sior to win the solar pannels, I believe that winning would give the school the recognition for all their hard work and effort that they so very much deserve! Please accept this email as me saying completely and utterly……… YSGOL SAN SIOR TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Regards, Nicola Gardner. Parent of Mason Gardner, dosbarth Bodnant.
I am emailing to vote for Ysgol San Sior, Llandudno to win the prize for £65,000 worth of solar panels. I have 3 children attending the school and they are all flourishing. They have become passionate about the environment, recycling, animals. The teaching of this is of such outstanding calibre that they are learning without knowing they are learning. Recycling is of second nature to them. When at home they would never dream of just putting their rubbish in the bin, there is always a recycling alternative. This is due to San Sior becoming a school free from bins. The children bring home their rubbish in the bags. It helps us as parents to learn as well. We are taking lessons from the children. San Sior is so passionate about all aspects of the environment and this passion is passed on to the children who are so enthusiastic and committed to the school. They have recently built a green house of out discarded plastic bottles. The Eco flag is displayed with pride and the Eco after school club is probably the most popular club in the school. The children are actively encouraged to help reduce the carbon footprint. Walking to school badges were introduced to show that there can sometimes be an alternative to driving, my children were very proud to wear them. The foyer of the school is alive with animals. The children take such care of them, their enthuiasism is infectious. When you walk in you cannot help but be drawn to the animals and there is usually a child there to talk about all aspect of the animals welfare. They impart their knowledge with such confidence, genuine understanding and empathy of the animals. That can only come when the children are taught by teachers who are wholly committed to their cause.
I believe that Ysgol San Sior is deserving of the solar panels. It would help them to continue and build upon their green credentials. It would lower their electricity bills, lessen pollution. The money saved could be used in other parts of education. I am a parent who is extremely proud and privileged to be a part of San Sior.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Mrs Julie Harvey (parent to James (yr 5), Tom (yr 3), Belle (yr 1) )

I would like to give my support to Ysgol San Siors bid to win the British Gas Solar Panel competition. It’s a different school from the onset. Once you step into the reception area you are greeted by a variety of exotic animals. This is where the Ysgol San Sior eco journey begins.Mr Ian Keith Jones is the headmaster. His enthusiasm for the environment has brought the school to its’ current status as an eco friendly school. Just to touch on the surface on why Ysgol San Sior is so eco friendly ;

Children from the nursery class upwards are encouraged to recycle their rubbish. The whole school environment is used as a classroom. It is a “bin less” school – all rubbish is recycled or taken home. Fruit only snack times.A green house made out of plastic bottles! Chickens providing fresh eggs for cookery club. Spot checks by the eco club members to ensure that energy is not being wasted. Vegetable plot. Butterfly garden. In addition to all the above the children are taught to respect each other and the world that we all live in, which in my opinion is as vital as an academic education.

Please consider Ysgol San Sior as a very worthy winner of this prize. It would further Ysgol San Siors environmental awareness both for today’s generation and generations to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Ann Cairns

My 3 children Isabella, Rocco and Florence attend Ysgol San Sior and I beleive that the schools ethos and drive to use the eco friendly ECO plight deserve to win the award to install solar panels in the school. I back Mr Ian Jones 100)% on his recyling mission my daughter Isabella who attends the Eco club on a thursday, considers herself to be an Sant Sior Eco Warrior.Regards, Jo Castellanos

Ysgol San Sior prides itself on being an eco friendly school setting very high standards. The school leads the way forward inspiring other educational facilities in the local area.Schools from further a field havealso visited Ysgol San Sior in order to assist in making improvments to their own environment.

The school has put a lot of time, hard work and devotion into creating an eco friendly environment saving energy and money! I personally believe Ysgol San Sior to be very unique being home to many exotic creatures including gecko’s, chameleons, horned frogs, a toad and the list goes on! Ysgol San Sior has resident chickens and the eggs they produce are used in cookery club. We have a fox living on the embankment of the school playground which is very rare! The school has a wonderful butterfly garden housing moth traps in which rare months have been recorded. The garden houses bird boxes with a camera linked up to the school so the children can watch the birds without disturbing them. The pond is used for pond dipping, exploring many different insects.

The school as a whole uses energy efficient lighbulbs, lights and heaters are switched off when rooms are not in use. There are no bins in the school itself to encourage recycling saving hundreds of pounds a year! Fruit is on sale every day and compost bins are situated round the schoolplayground for the waste. Ysgol San Sior grows its own fruit and veg too!

Istrongly recomendedYsgol San Sior to win the solar panel prize as the school has got so much to teach and offer our next generation.

Miss Karen Wells

I am writing to support and nominating San Sior school for the British Gas competition , the school does a lot recycling and participate in eco-friendly project but what I notice more then everything it is that my children are now more aware about the environment and how important recycling is .As a family we are recycling more then thanks to my children and thanks to the school, I think San Sior deserve the first prize because is educating the children about be eco-friendly and it will have a positive effect in the future.RegardsDimitri Pitton
To Antonia Jones,
My name is Evie, I am nine years old and I am a year five pupil at Ysgol San Sior and I think Ysgol San Sior should win the competion because we are already eco friendly but with the solar panels on our school roof it would be a great opportunity to be even greener.
As soon as you walk through the main entrance of our school you see a beautiful row of animals that we never take for granted. We take recycling very serously, and recycle anything we can like plastic, aluminion, paper and a many more items. One of the greatest things the school has done is make our own greenhouse out of 1,000 recycled plastic bottles. Which we now use to put our baby bulbs that we planted in it.
In our school we have an eco council, an eco club and eco moniters. In the eco concil we chose one boy and one girl from year six, year five, year four, year three and year two and they all join up to have an eco meeting and talk about how our school could be even grenner than it is now. In eco culb we meet up every Thursday and plant bulbs or draw our pigme camleons, and you might be wondering what the eco moniters are, well they are a group of children who go round the playgrounds and try and find litter. Another thing thats eco in our school is the eco flag which we proudly display.
In our school we also have chickens and we use their eggs for school dinners and put their poo in our compost bins. In our our school we get our food waste and put in our schools compost bins and when all the food waste has turned into compost we use it to plant plants and grow our own vegitables also for school dinners.
In my class we are collecting empty plastic milk bottles and filling them up with non recyclable plastic and when we have got enough we are planning too make a play area for our chincilla’s. Also in my class we say “make it green” which means when we all go out of the class room turn off the lights and plugs, so we never leave anything on standby. We also turn off lights when not needed.
Last year San Sior removed two of our litter bins from our school and this year we have removed the rest – we have no bins! . Recycle in school, don’t drop litter or home to the bin. That is one of our many moto’s of the school, this one was made by our eco concil.
Before I was talking about moto’s in our school, well one day I was in eco club and my headtecaher Mr Jones said every letter in San Sior stand’s for something and this is what it stands for ‘ Saving All Natural Surroundings Is Our Responitbtly’. We also send out parents letters by e-mail! to save printing paper.
In our school we try to educate parents not to take a car to school. And if children walk to school they get a badge. So gets alot of people walking and alot less pollution!
We never take our oak cabins for granted. All the oak is from Denbigh, when it is usualy from different parts of Europe so the transport would cause alot of pollution. But because we chose local materials we cut down on transport polution. In our school we have water buts that we use to water the plants and vegetables so none in our school take water for granted
If we won this compotition we lower our electircly bill and we would have more money to spend on school trips and text books and hand writing pens for our education.
Thank for your time in reading this e-mail and very big thank you if we win
Evie Barrasford aged 9. Year 5
I would like to give my support to Ysgol San Sior in its bid to win the British Gas Solar Panel competition. My two children attend the schooland their developments both educationally and personallyis a joy to see.As detailed in lots of other nominations the lengths Mr Jones, his staff and also the very proud pupils go to to make San Sior stand head and shoulders above therest is truly inspirational and to win this competition would be the perfect recognition for all their continuous hard work.My daughter is always keen to recycle and is quick to remind me the effect leaving the lights on can have onthe planet. It is wonderful to see that at only 7 years old being environmentally friendly is second nature to herand I have no doubt that her little brother will follow in her eco friendly footstepsthanks to San Sior.Many thanks for your consideration.Suzanne Jones – parent of Olivia(Yr 3) and Samuel (nursery).
Hello, my name is Liam and I am in the nursery class at Ysgol San Sior. I would really like my school to get the solar panels. My Nain says that Ysgol San Sior is brilliant because it has done so much to reduce its carbon footprint. I don’t know what a carbon footprint is ( I am only 4) but my Nain says that if everyone was as eco wise as my school, then the world will still be a beautiful place when I grow up. My school is only small but has made a big, big effort reducing waste and increasing recycling, we don’t even have any waste bins, only recycling ones.
I hope we win.
(helped by my Nain, Sara Pattinson)
I would like to offer my support for Ysgol San Sior to win the Day-to-day Post competition for solar panels upon British Gas.
My daughter Lynnette attended san sior and went on to John bright and my son Leroy is in year three.
Mr. Jones creates a wonderful learning experience for all the children, not just at Eco club, but throughout the year using animals, insects, plants etc that can be spotted once you step inside the school buildings, to teach things to the children. Among the initiatives taken by the school is removing bins and replacing them with recycling bins, and constructing a green house using plastic bottles collected by the kids from their homes. The school also recycle paper, plastic, metal, cardboard and they compost all their garden waste. Year 6 Eco Warriors visit each class at the end of each day to check that all classes have correctly used the recycling bins around the school.
Ysgol San Sior is a deserving candidate to win The British Gas Schools solar panels competition and to win would mean a lot to the school and the entire community as well, not just financially but also to educate the children on the subject of eco friendly energy harvesting. Children are eager to learn about the environment and Ysgol San Sior would really value and make the most of the prize once they achieve their prize.
There also is a club called ” Eco Club ” which normaly runs on Thursdays after school, headed by the head teacher Mr. Jones. The children often attend the vegetable plot in all weather clothing. They grow various types of leafy vegetable and tubers with produce, once ready for harvest offered to the dinner ladies who take great delight in cooking this hearty fresh Welsh organic food for the children.
A bit about the schools achievements taken from their website.
The school has amazing gardens at the school. It has a Butterfly garden with a pond where they can pond dip and where the moth traps are set up most evenings from March through to October. They also have lovely formal gardens with a beautiful mural depicting a celtic tale and each class takes responsibility for tending to their gardens. They have won Llandudno in Bloom regularly since 1999 and encourage wildlife to the school grounds with insect boxes and plants that encourage wildlife. This year they came first in the Llandudno in Bloom competition and were awarded Gold in the Wildlife Gardening North Wales competition. They have cameras in bird boxes so they can see the blue tits raising chicks, They carry out exciting potato trap projects in the insect garden as well, linking their school with schools from every corner of the globe. They have also planted lots of trees to the school to encourage wildlife and give the pupils a pleasant shady area to sit on the school field. They keep chickens and grow their own vegetables in their raised vegetable gardens. Ysgol san sior orchard is developing nicely with Welsh varieties of fruit trees. This year they have built two new oak cabins where they can work outside and the oak tree was sourced locally Nant Glyn in Denbighshire.
Some of the business aspects tought to the pupils who attend the eco club is planting of plants which were sold on to those who attended the summer fair and procuring an exotic madagascan mother of millions plant for this project.
They have planted arround 240 daffodil flowers. Just to mention but a few.
Growing wild in the school grounds is blackberries which are picked once ready for harvest. There is also a co existence of birds and squirrelsthat can be occasionally spotted during summer time just over the school fence boundaries.
In conclusion, i can’t stress hard enough how important to us this will be if Ysgol San Sior was to win this sollar panel competition.
By the way Leroy brought the Hamster from their class for a weekend sleep over! He had a lot of stories to share about the “animals – chameleons, chicken, gecko, frogs …. and the list goes on” in the school.
I wish Ysgol San sior Good Luck in this Competition.
Lawrence – Parent to Leroy Mutisya
I am a Year 3 teacher at the at Ysgol San Sior and write to support our application for solar panels/energy saving resources.All staff are totally aware of the importance of conserving energy. We have a thriving Eco Club in the school led by Mr I K Jones, our innovative, inspiring and enthusiastic headmaster! From Nursery Class to year 6 the children are made aware of how important it is to conserve energy. We have a group of children who ensure that doors are closed to keep heat in, make sure that lights and computers are off if the classrooms are empty, check that taps are not left running. We also recycle and re-use as much as possible. We have numerous compost piles in our gardens. We try to ensure that everything compostable is put into them to help enrich our vegetable garden. In short, everyone in our school works as a team to reduce our carbon footprint!Linda J Owens (Mrs)
I believe that Ysgol San Sior should win the coveted title of the most eco-friendly school in the UK and the prize of £65,000 worth of solar panels as the school is extremely passionate about recycling and the environment. As you arrive at the school you notice the impressive Eco school flag and when you enter the school you see some of the many animals including chinchillas,Lizards and tortoises which the children learn about and they also learn how to care for them with some of the animals going home for the weekend with the children. They also have chickens who produce eggs which are then used in cookery lessons and school dinners. You will not find any bins at the school as everything at the school is recycled, they even made a greenhouse from 2,000 recycled plastic bottles. The school also has fruit trees and a vegetable patch. Healthy eating is encouraged at the school and only fruit is allowed for snack-time which is not only healthy but means there is no rubbish. Children are encouraged to walk to school and receive exciting badges if they walk to school. Winning the prize would help to reduce the electric bill and lessen pollution and would also mean saving money which could be better spent on books or scool trips. SAN SIOR TO WIN PLEASE!!!!Mrs Maxine Evans (Parent of Tilly Evans nursery class)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to nominate Ysgol San Sior for the title of ‘Most Eco-Friendly School in the UK’ because I believe it truly deserves this title.The Headmaster works extremely hard to instil and promote a natural curiosity in the children regarding nature and the natural environment surrounding the school, which leads to an instinctive desire to respect and nurture this environment.

Various eco-projects such as the ‘plastic bottle greenhouse’ have enabled the children to become actively involved in making Ysgol San Sior more environmentally-friendly, whilst also allowing them to appreciate the physical benefits of their work.Projects like this are bound to strike a lasting impact on the pupils, making them into more eco-responsible adults as they become part of the adult generation that will be future guardians of our planet.

My 6 year old son has the fortune of attending Ysgol San Sior and I am certain that he will leave the school with these eco values strongly embedded within him, along with a true appreciation of the natural world.This is why I feel so strongly that our school deserves this award.

Yours faithfully,

Kirsten Jones (Parent to Evan Jones Dos. Penrhyn).

My 7 year old daughter Phoebe White goes to Ysgol San Sior in Llandudno.
It is her first year at this school since we moved from Halifax in the summer.
Phoebe enjoys all aspects of the recycling program as she is so much involved, and at the same time learns a great deal, of which Phoebe puts into practice at home (is that why her bedroom is so messy?)
We as a family hope Ysgol San Sior win this competition for all the hard work, commitment and dedication the staff and pupils have put in.
all the best
Nicholas White
I am writing to you in support of Ysgol San Sior, Llandudno, with regards to their hope of winning the solar panels provided by British Gas Generation Green. Our son Stephen attended this excellent school a few years back, and he has recently been followed by our first grandchild, Zach, who is currently in the Nursery Class. Our perception of Ysgol San Sior is that they have always placed a very high priority on green issues, caring for the environment in general, and they have always sought to instil a love of nature into every pupil – if you have ever visited the school, you will have doubtless encountered the impressive menagerie in the Reception area! It is obvious from talking with other parents that the school considers recycling, carbon emissions and efficient use of energy to be very important. This has been the case for a long time; we have lived in Llandudno for over eleven years, and environmental awareness have always been a large part of the core ethos of the school. Indeed, when we first moved to North Wales from South Oxfordshire we were surprised to discover that – in 2001 – Conwy County Borough Council did not operate kerbside recycling collections. Even back then, Mr. Jones and his staff were way ahead of the game. In conclusion, we really cannot think of a more deserving school to win this award and we hope that you will give Ysgol San Sior your very earnest consideration,Kind regards,Dave and Janet Jewell
I am writing to choose Ysgol San Siôr as a winner of your competition.
Ysgol San Siôr’s commitment to the environment is not a passing fad or something they have come to recently. I have had children at San Siôr for 11+ years. In that time I have watched headteacher Mr Jones lead the school towards ever greener ways of working and teaching. They are not just reducing waste and energy use, but also helping students understand and enjoy the natural environment in innovative ways.
While my son was at San Siôr, Mr Jones led a special nighttime event at a local nature reserve to catch and study moths. My son had an amazing evening. Already this school year, my daughter’s class has been to the Menai Straits three times to explore the area’s landscape and environment.
This evening I talked with my daughter about all the environmentally friendly things San Siôr does. Here is the list we came up with:
  • When you walk into the school, you are greeted by a reception full of exotic reptiles, amphibians and insects that the children care for.
  • The school recycles extensively, and, importantly, works to create as little waste as possible.
  • There are Hippo bags in the toilets to reduce water use.
  • Some of the year 5 students are eco-monitors who make sure lights are turned off when they are not needed.
  • A few years ago, the school made greenhouses out of plastic bottles which the students and their families collected. They are now working on more plastic buildings, this time made from plastic bottles stuffed with plastic film. (This project has reduced the waste going into our wheelie bin tremendously, because after recycling there wasn’t much in it but plastic film.)
  • Another home-involved project are the monkey puzzle trees. All the junior student were given monkey puzzle seeds to sprout and care for at home. The seedlings will be sold at the summer fair.
  • The school has a kitchen garden tended by the students. The produce of the garden is used in school dinners.
  • The children keep chickens at the school. The eggs are also used in school dinners
  • In one of the gardens there is a pond which is used to teach children about pond ecosystems and life cycles.
  • Recently some small log cabins were built in the gardens. The school chose to use locally sourced wood to reduce the energy used in transporting it.
  • Students who really enjoy learning about nature can join the after school Eco Club and have more time using all these facilities and resources. The club is led personally by Mr Jones.
I love Ysgol San Siôr’s commitment to teaching and leading in good environmental stewardship. I believe they are the ideal winners of the British Gas Schools competition, and I it is my hope that you will too.
Yours sincerely,
Jeff Gill
Ysgol San Siôr parent
My brother, sister and I all go to Ysgol San Sior in Llandudno and we think our school is the most eco-friendly school in Wales. With the help of our parents and teachers we do everything we can to save energy, reduce pollution and save our scarce natural resources. We think saving energy is really important for us, for the future of our families and for Wales. Finding of new ways to save energy has really made us think and some of our ideas have been so different we have been in the paper and on the national news! Some of the ways we are saving energy include: We recycle rainwater using water butts to collect water to water the vegetables in our outdoor garden and eco-greenhouse. We put hippo bags in the toilet cisterns to reduce water usage. We collect and recycle paper, keeping a paper recycling box in the car park. We grow our own apple trees and keep our own wildlife area of the school field. Our eco-greenhouse is made from 2000 recycled plastic bottles and my sister was on the news showing how it was being built. The compost for our plants comes from the animal waste produced by our chickens, chinchillas and hamsters as well as from vegetable waste from the school kitchens. The vegetables and apples we grow and the eggs from our own chickens are used in the school kitchens to make our dinners! To make all this happen we have Eco-monitors, an Eco-council and an Eco-Ambassador. The role of the Eco-monitors is to switch off all unnecessary lights and plug sockets during the day. The Eco-council meets regularly to discuss the different eco-projects; my brother is on the Eco-council. My sister is the school’s Eco-Ambassador and she is in charge of looking after the chickens, gardens and greenhouse. All the work we do has gained us the Eco-Schools International Green Flag. Winning the British Gas Schools Competition would be fantastic and the solar panels would help us save more energy and reduce our carbon footprint further. The money we would save on electricity could be used to buy more equipment, trips and support teachers for our classrooms. I think our school is the best school and I know everyone would work even harder to save energy and help the younger children to understand the importance of saving energy so that they could carry on the work we have done after we have left and gone to secondary school. Yours sincerely, Kieran Weir (and Dad)
My daughter has only been at the school since September and when i was shown round the school by Mr Jones I was Amazed at all the eco activities the children do in the school. Rom all the green outdoor areas, the chicken, the plastic bottle green house and many more. The new no bin rule is great and has also encrougae us as a family to think what we throw away.
All this is achieved by the staff and the pupils who then come home and tell there parents.
Ruth Steen
Our son Danny is in year 4 and daughter Daisie in year 2. As children we were always getting asked to turn off the lights, turn the taps off etc. etc. It now seems the tables have turned. We are proud of how the school have taught our children about the enviroment, recycling and saving energy. Recycling comes as second nature with the removal of all the litter bins, bar the recycling bins in the school. Our coat pockets get emptied when we return home after a day out as they would’t dream of dropping litter on the floor. We live 1 1/2 miles away from the school and frequently walk which is encouraged by the school and rewarded with badges. The school has won Wales in bloom on several occassions and have a wildlife pond, chickens, cameras in the blue tits bird box, breed chameleons, gheckos and several other exotic animals,encouraging the children to support nature. Having had solar panels installed ourselves a year ago, we would love for San Sior to reap the same benefits. Mr.Jones and all the teachers are truly committed and highly deserved of this prize as they have given so much and it’s now they turn to be rewarded.
yours sincerely
S. Cringle & L.Cringle
I would like to nominate Ysgol San Sior because of the hard work and dedication of all pupils and staff to transform the way we think about recycling. This small primary school is truly unique, the list is amazing but to name a few here is a small example:-Totally bin freeCreatures from around the worldEco council meetingsPlastic greenhouseChildren collecting plastic milk bottles with non recycled wastePygmy chameleonsThe list is endless but the end result is an incredible foundation for life. Very proud and happy pupils.Sandra Roberts Teaching Assistant year 5 and 6
I am a parent of a child who attends Ysgol San Sior in Llandudno. I understand that the school has recently been shortlisted for the British Gas competition. The reason for my e-mail is to register my complete support for the school in this regard. My child is 10 years of age and now in his third year at the school. Previously my 12 year old also attended the school. They were both in another school on Anglesey prior to this. I say this simply as I am therefore able to compare and contrast and I can honestly say, I have not come across any school that takes its responsibilities in this arena as seriously as Ysgol San Sior; whilst also making it fun for the kids.
Ysgol San Sior could not be any more positive in its promotion of renewable energy sources and the ‘green agenda’overall. The below are just a few of the practical steps they take to educate the children:
  • They have qualified to fly the Green Eco-Flag. You will know that unlike many similar awards, this does not qualify via self assessment. Strict criteria must be attained first (including the creation of a working Eco Group and a workable action plan) prior to the honour being granted. Perhaps most importantly evidence of inclusion in the curriculum, as well as work within the local community must also be strongly evident.
  • Groups of children called, Litter Bugs patrol the school to collect uncommonly discarded waste material
  • There is an extensive recycling policy at the school (including garden waste), and 6th form,Eco-Warriors patrol at the end of each day to check the recycling bins and assist in learning and understanding.
  • ‘Energy Monitors’ check each day that non-essential electricity supply points are switched off; they operate a points award system on this basis.
  • ‘Water Hippos’ are placed in toilet cisterns and water butts are in place in the garden, both to save on water usage.
  • Walking to school is encouraged (where safely able) and the children are rewarded with recognition in this respect.
  • The school promotes a strong gardening culture and has regularly won the Llandudno in Bloom competition since its inception in 1999. They have insect boxes and ‘wildlife encouraging plants in the different sections of their garden. They have additionally and ingeniously placed cameras in their garden bird boxes, which has hugely assisted in the children’s understanding and education. The school was this year awarded, ‘Gold’ in the Wildlife Gardening North Wales Competition.
  • The school keeps a huge variety of animals as pets and these form a hugely diverse educational project source. They have this year built two log cabins so the pupils can work outside; the wood was locally sourced from renewables in Nant Glyn, Denbighshire.
  • The pupils recently made a greenhouse out of discarded plastic bottles, promoting the children’s understanding of recycling rubbish into something useful and workable in the garden environment.
The above is just a brief summary of what they are up to at Ysgol San Sior. However, I believe one point is perhaps the most important: My 10 year old son educates my wife and I. He corrects our mistakes and makes us think; this is arguably the most inspiring aspect that I believe really stands the school out from the crowd. At the end of the day, what the school ultimately achieves is the engagement of my 10 year old into such a positive way of thinking, in a manner that is fun and therefore contagious amongst his family and friends. Let’s face it, ensuring this philosophy permeates and embeds through generations to come has to be the desired legacy of all adults, and this is where the school really comes top of the class…..
I extend my regards
Mr A Williams (parent of Nathan, Year 5)

We are two pupils from Ysgol San Sior and we feel that our school really is the greenest school in the UK and we hope that you agree with us.

This is why we think it is:

ØWe have Eco Warriors (attend Eco club and check each classroom at the end of each day to ensure everything is correctly recycled)), Eco Councillors (hold regular meetings to check what the school is doing and what ecological improvements can be made), Eco monitors (police the school ensuring lights are turned off when not needed) and an Eco Ambassador (who helps to look after the animals and also plays an active part in Eco club).

ØGo Eco!!! We have put hippo bags in all of the toilets so that we use less water when we flush. We make our own compost from chicken, chinchilla and hamster waste, mixed with the waste food from the kitchen and the apple cores and fruit skins from playtime. We use the eggs from our chickens in the kitchen. We have built a greenhouse using 2,000 re-used plastic drinks bottles. In this greenhouse we grow our own tomatoes and potatoes. We grow other vegetables in our vegetable patch. All of this food is used in the school kitchen, saving us money and helping the environment. We have two water butts which collect rain water to help water our garden.

ØWe are the proud owners of the Eco-Schools International Green Flag.

ØRecycling. We are a bin-less school. We have got rid of all of our general bins and now only use recycling bins. We have a paper collection container in the car park for parents and local people to recycle paper easily. In year 5 we put non-recyclable plastic into milk bottles to make building blocks. We are going to make a play pen for chinchillas.

ØOur school environment is fantastic!! We have lots of animals, such as the Stump tailed chameleon, the Cameroon Pygmy Chameleon, the Moroccan Dabtail Chameleon, Veiled Chameleon, Argentinian Horned frog, Jungle Nymphs, Tiger Crested Gecko, Berber Skink, Red Footed Tortoises, Horsefield Tortoises, Leopard Tortoises, Madagascar Day Gecko, Yemen Chameleon, chinchillas, a hamster, fish, a shrimp and of course our chickens! We have won the Schools in Bloom competition this year, we have a butterfly garden, a wild garden and a pond area. We have planted apple trees in the wild area of our school field. We have had two wood cabins built so that we can enjoy our school gardens even more. They have been built using local wood so reducing transportation as its often bought from Middle Europe.

ØEach year we dedicate a week to try to walk or cycle to school. We are then encouraged to keep this up!

If we are fortunate enough to win this very special prize it would help to make our school even greener.

·It will save the energy we use

·The money saved can be used to buy educational resources, trips and fund support teachers

·We would be able to reduce pollution

·We could learn such a lot about solar power

Saving All Natural Surroundings Is Our Responsibility

Yours Sincerely,

Emma Weir (Year 6, Eco Ambassador)

Matthew Weir (Year 5, Eco Councillor)

(And Mum!)

Our son Oliver Marshall is four years old and has been attending Ysgol San Sior, Llandudno for nearly a year now. He really enjoys his days at school. He comes home most days telling us that he has been learning about animals and places of the world. How he spends time with the other children in the school garden. Learning about the animals and insects of the garden, where they live and the noises/calls they make. How the children and the teacher go in the school caravan to learn about new places. He also ofen talks about the green house at school made totally of recycled plastic bottles. When at home he enjoys helping us to put our plastic bottles in the recycling bins.As Olivers parents believe that the staff at the school do a great job of teaching the children of our countrys wild life and the importance of protecting it. Teaching children from a young age about recycling and renewable energies so it becomes a normal and natural thing to do for them unlike their parents who did not grow up with this knowledge and so in many cases have to remember to recycle household waste and that there are other forms of energy other than the Nation Grid. For these reasons we believe that the School deserve the award of Solar panels.Yours Faithfully,Mr Ralph Marshall.
Hi. We are family one of the little child from San Sior School. We write this email to support our school to win this Solar panels. And why we think this school should win? First this is eco friendly school where they recycling everything.There is NO bins in classes or in whole school.They use recycled water for the toilet and for watering the gardens amazing.They have their own vegetable gardens and chickens.They do activities like planting trees and flowers what our child enjoined. As a parents who came from overseas country ( Slovakia ) we didn’t know there is so much to recycle and save energy,our country is just on begging of recycling and is criticized by EU about recycling and saving energies. This school not teach just the kids about green world but the parents as well. We never seen our son cry to go to school he enjoined he like that school so do we. It is big thanks to the Head teacher who did lot work for the school and try to do the bests for the school as possible. We hope that this email will help to win this competition.Thank you Parents of Lukas Benedikt class 1
I am writing to you to tell you why I think ysgol San sior should deserve the opportunity of having solar panels, they are a recycling School they recycle very well they have no normal rubbish bins they recycle plastic,paper,food waste and more. They take Eco-friendly very seriously in every year they have two monitors to make sure their class are recycling, saving electricity and also the monitors have meetings and discuss others ways how to do Eco-friendly things. San sior is a south facing school. There are a large variety of animals in the Reception Area and around the School. They do moth trapping and have caught some rare moths. So that’s why I think San sior deserves the solar panels.Yours faithfullyCharlie woodcock Ex-pupil of San sior

As a parent of two children who attend Ysgol San Sior, I would like to nominate the school to win the above competition.

When you enter the school’s front door, you are immediately aware that this is no ordinary school. You are greeted by various forms of exotic wildlife including chameleons, geckos, tortoises and fish which never fail to engage my fascination, as well as my children’s. I have a beautiful picture of my 6 year old with a chameleon on his arm, where else could he have such a unique opportunity?

The school’s Eco credentials are already without question. Earlier this year they increased their recycling to an unprecedented level by going completely bin-less! As a family we probably recycle 75% of our waste, a contributing factor to this is my children’s acute awareness of recycling reinforced by the school. My 3 year old and 6 year old, always check first before putting something in the bin, as to whether it should go in the bin or the recycling.

The school’s gardens are without comparison. They have chickens, whose eggs are collected and passed to the school cook to incorporate into her meals. They grow their own vegetables, which are tended and harvested by the pupils, again for the cook to utilise. They have a butterfly garden, which includes a moth trap, to allow the children to study them more closely, after which they are released back into the wild. Then also have a garden in the pond, where they can observe the tadpoles grow into frogs. The bird boxes have “spy” cameras so the children can observe the birds up close. Best of all they have a school greenhouse, built from plastic bottles, collected over months by the pupils. They now plan to add to this with a shed built from recycled bottles filled with non recyclable plastic.

The school has close links with

Madagascar and
Malawi, and my son comes home with stories about what they have and don’t have in
Africa. Giving him a better understanding of the world that he lives in and how lucky he is to live in the western world.

The Headmaster Mr Ian Keith Jones’ enthusiasm is infectious. Each child is recognised and treated as an individual. They are not only taught the usual academic subjects, but to respect each other and the world that they live in. I consider my children not only to be very lucky to attend this school but privileged.

To win this competition and receive the solar panels, would be the “icing on the roof” (sorry!) for a school that already proudly flies the Eco flag. I already consider them to be the most eco-friendly school in the

UK. Winning your competition would be validation of this.

Yours sincerely,

Dawn McGuinness

I would like to nominate Ysgol San Sior as a worthy winner of the Solar Panels. The ethos of the school is totally geared to recycling, regeneration and new life. Children as young as 3 are encouraged to recycle their lunch wrappers, and winning this would be a reward for all their ‘green credentials’. It would also save valuable money which is spent on energy bills to enable the school to buy much needed equipment.
Thank you
Christine Shade
Ysgol San Sior are by no means “new kids on the block” when it comes to conservation and the introduction of Eco-friendly ideas. Mr Keith Jones and his staff have consistently been encouraging the pupils, for many years, to take on board the vital requirements to reduce the carbon footprint of our planet. From the small beginnings of the school garden, composting all garden waste, recycling everything, reducing carbon emissions to enable the school to reduce its fuel costs… All this done within house. The final piece of the jigsaw being “solar”… What a tremendous step forward that would be.Having had two daughters in San Sior who have both enjoyed learning how to love and look after our planet with the help of Mr Jones and his staff, I cannot think of another school who is more deserving of winning this prize. Yours faithfullySonia Brownson

My daughter attends Ysgol San Sior and we are writing this letter in support of the schools bid to win the £65,000 worth of solar panels.

We know that Ysgol San Sior is extremely eco-focused from its animals to recycling every bit of waste to it’s Eco Club. We know that winning the competition is extremely important and means a lot to the teachers and all the pupils who actively take a role in saving their environment every single day in school and through the example set at school the pupils are taking their enthusiasm home with them and encouraging parents and friends if not already to become environmentally friendly in the home and the area, so not only are Mr Jones’s and his team’s eco friendly ways benefiting the school, they are benefiting the community also.

I hope you will consider Ysgol San Sior to be the winning school as this

School would be able to take their quest to the next level which without the support of the Daily Post and British Gas could prove difficult.

Kindest regards,


Amy Enaruna


I am supporting Ysgol San Sior, Llandudno, in their request to have solar panels installed in their school.The headteacher, Mr Ian Keith Jones, and his staff, have worked extremely hard to make the children aware of current and future climate changes and to make the school a successful eco-friendly environment.It would be a fantastic opportunity to gain the support of the Welsh Assembly in this venture and to put Llandudno and North Wales foremost on the map of Britain.Dewch i ni gael cefnogaeth y Cynulliad yng Nghaerdydd a rhoi blaenoriaeth i newidiadu cyffroes yn hinsawdd Llandudno a Gogledd Cymru. Yn ddiffuantDelyth Owen
I would just like to offer my support for Ysgol San Sior to win the Daily Post competition for solar panels with British Gas.
My two children attend Ysgol San Sior and my son rJames egularly attends the Eco club held every week by the headmaster Mr Jones. Mr Jones creates a wonderful learning experience for all the children, not just at Eco club, but throughout the year using animals, insects, plants etc to explain many things to the children. The school has had many initiatives over the years to encourage recycling and recently saved money by removing a bin from the premises so no rubbish is generated – only recycling. A greenhouse was also created using plastic bottles and the older children were involved in creating this.
To win the solar panels would mean so much to the school, not just financially but also to educate the children on the subject. Children of primary school age are so eager to learn about the environment and Ysgol San Sior would really value and make the most of the prize.
Yours sincerely
Mrs Jane Gardner
My daughter wanted to send you this letter in support of Ysgol San Sior’s attempt to be the most eco-friendly school in the UK.I would like to second this nomination, the efforts of Mr Jones and the other teachers are truly commendable and I feel they are totally deserving of this title and the grant for solar panels. My daughter, Kyria, has taught me and my wife everything she knows about recycling and we have been able to implement similar measures at home because of this. Kind RegardsLee Houghton

A quick note to show our support to Ysgol San Sior in their bid to win solar panels in your competition. As a school they are renowned within the County for promoting environmental education and are a shining example to us all. At the moment we are in the process of applying for our second Green Eco Schools Flag and intend to visit San Sior with pupils from our Eco Council to view good practice in order to develop similar projects within our own school.

We wish them all the best in the competition and thank them for their work within the County.

Yours Sincerely

Sioned Wyn Green ( Headteacher at Ysgol Bro Cernyw, Conwy)

Please can we nominate ysgol san sior for the solar panels. We have three children attending the school. We choose san sior because its so unique!Our children are learning daily how to care, respect and change the way we look after the world we live in through the schools Eco plan.The children enjoy feeding the tortoises in breakfast club and helping clean the chinchillas but taking all waste to the compost bins.They have learned how other children cope in the world through links set up by the school and how important recycling is to help save the environment.They had great fun helping to collect plastic bottles of friends and family to help build the schools greenhouse. Only one letter per family is given to reduce paper use.The schools creatures in the foyer are a favourite attraction for the children watching them climb up the glass or crawling up a child’s arm they would never get an opportunity to see these creatures in any other environment.To put Wellington boots on and help plant the school gardens with their friends and Mr Jones is exciting.We have selected a small sample of what San Sior offers daily we really feel that the school deserves to win so our children can learn all about the science of solar panels and saving electricityCaroline Powell parent
My 7 year old daughter Jaya who is in year 3 is a proud member of the Eco club and takes pride in being a Eco warrior. having been a primary school teacher in London for 12 years I have seen the phenomenal difference in the passion towards Eco friendly schools. San Sior wins on every count. The head teacher Mr Ian Jones is an exceptional role model for all 150 pupils with his shared determination and dedication towards making San Sior the most environmentally friendly school across North Wales. Mr Jones and his team go to great lengths to reduce the carbon footprint by recycling all rubbish and close monitoring all electricity usage throughout the school and much more. Most of all, the Eco friendly ethos being instilled in all pupils is reflected through there enthusiasm and dedication to learn new concepts both academic and vocational. San Sior would be the perfect candidate to win the £66,000 of solar panels.

Kind regards

Sunita Katoch

My daughter Maisie is five and believes her school Ysgol San Sior should win the British gas schools competition title because they ‘try hard everyday to take care of the world’ I asked what this meant to her and the reply was a long story all about recycle and being careful with your rubbish, as I said my daughter is five and in her world this is a big part of what is only a small amount the school actually do.I love the innovative ideas the school come up with to teach our children about the natural world, the chickens the fruit trees, the veg patch, the nature huts and the various array of animals and plants throughout the building and its grounds.It has always particularly stood out in my mind on going to view the school for a place and the headmaster Mr Jones enthusiastically showing us the greenhouse they were attempting to build out of plastic bottles but it doesn’t stop there!There is always a new project that fires the childrens imagination and improves their knowledge of the living world and it’s preservation, it is a way of life within the school and you only have to see the enthusiasm from the children to know it is a value they adopt which will carry on long after they have left school, one that I as a parent am grateful for, so we wholeheartedly agree that Ysgol San Sior would be a very deserving winner I will continue to askyear on year what an eco friendly school means to my child and look foward to the wonderful enlightened, educated and foreward thinking answers that Mr Jones and the dedicated teaching staff at San Sior will help provide.Kind regardsS Millican


Dear to whom it may concern

I am writing in support of Ysgol San Sior’s application in becoming the most eco-friendly school. It is apparent from the moment you walk into the school that the environment is deeply imbedded in both the school ethos and heart of the school and the school would be a highly deserving winner. Ysgol San Sior is no ordinary school. The experiences it offers its pupils are both exceptional and extraordinary.

The school grounds alone offer many opportunities for the children. There is a butterfly garden where the habitat has been created in the hope moths and butterflies will visit. The children can often be found moth catching with the head teacher, Mr Ian Keith Jones, who thrives on sharing his extensive knowledge of moths with the children. Rare moths have been known to be found at Ysgol San Sior! A pond can be found within the butterfly gardens and pond dipping is a past-time many children enjoy doing during their free time at the school. The pond has been installed with underwater cameras and the children are enthused when learning about the creatures in such a real, up close and personal fashion. A recent addition to the butterfly garden is a big log cabin, wood sourced from Denbigh, where the children can go and sit, relax and enjoy their surroundings. Pupils can often be found working in this area, during the warmer months, and some excellent literacy work has been inspired from working in such peaceful and stunning surroundings.

A second log cabin can be found in the ‘gardd cudd’, the gardens found adjacent to the juniors play area. This area again is used to encourage a wide variety of wildlife. Children of all ages are found here during all hours of the school day exploring and fulfilling the expectations of the curriculum.

Still within the school grounds, a vegetable patch can be found. The Eco club, cookery club and various classes take responsibility for planting and harvesting a tasty variety of vegetables. All produce is used within the school either by the kitchen staff or by the cookery club. Like the eco club, the cookery club is run on a weekly basis and gives the children the opportunity to handle produce they themselves have grown. This gives the children a greater understanding of where food comes from. The produce in question has twice helped the children of the cookery club win the British Food Fortnight competition at the regional stages.

The Eco club are responsible for a large proportion of what is seen around the school. The ‘Llandudno in Bloom’ competition has been won many times by the school partly down to the attention the children, with the help of the staff, pay to the school gardens. An annual event for the school is ‘Elmer Day’ where all children are invited to bring in a plant of some kind and they then are planted within the school gardens. Each class is allocated a plot of land and the plants from each class are planted in the aforementioned areas. This has been known to be a very competitive time of year for the children who aim to have the best presented garden. The gardens then bring a rainbow of colour to the school day when the flowers are in full bloom.

Another project the Eco club have encouraged within the school is that of the greenhouse. Next to the vegetable patch a greenhouse made entirely from plastic bottles and wood can be found. For weeks during 2010 all children were persuaded to bring in all 2 litre drinks bottles that were consumed at home. Over 2000 bottles were collected and these were then placed together in such a fashion that a structure was built that could be used to grow all varieties of plant life. At present, monkey puzzles trees reside within the greenhouse.

An Eco Council has been established at the school where two children from each junior class and two children from Year 2 have been voted into their roles as Eco Councillors. The Eco council meets on a half-termly basis to discuss, to make proposals and to make decisions on all issue that are ecologically related to the school.

The Eco council and eco club members not only take responsibility for the visible environmental issues around the school, but also promote saving energy and attempt to emit less carbon emissions. Members of the Eco council are appointed as monitors who ensure that all lights are switched off when classrooms are not in use, they ensure the doors are shut when the heating is on and switch off all computers as an alternative to leaving them on standby. The older members of the Eco council share their knowledge with the younger children and educate them in becoming efficient eco members of the school. The provision of energy saving equipment in question would certainly enhance their already significant eco credentials and would be well utilised.

Recycling is a topic the pupils at Ysgol San Sior take extremely seriously. The infant children at the school are set the very best examples by the older children and they in turn reciprocate this exemplary behaviour. The school recycles all waste. It is a bin free school. Colour coded recycle bins can be found within the school hall and the children are educated as to what goes where. Any waste that cannot be recycled is taken home by the children. This saves the school hundreds of pounds in council refuse collection. The resources saved are reinvested into the school, often in projects that are proposed by the school Eco Councillors. The children are very dedicated and follow the motto reduce, re-use, recycle very closely.

Food waste that is produced during the school day is disposed of in the school compost bins. This includes fruit during break times, food not eaten during lunch and any waste produced during the cookery club sessions. All waste produced from the school creatures are also turned into compost.

There are over 50 creatures at the school that need caring for and that does not include the children JI doubt there are many schools within the UK where the children can go home and say they have handled such a great variety of creatures without leaving their school building. The school foyer could very easily be mistaken for a room at the zoo with creatures from all over the world on display for all to see. Crested, Kosch’s, Leopard and Madagascan Day Geckos, Yemen and Pygmy Chameleons, Moroccan Dabtails and Berber Skink lizards and Argentinian Horned Frogs are all part of the welcoming committee at the school entrance. The

Yemen chameleons have previously been successfully bred with 38 eggs having hatched. The Pygmy chameleons will hopefully be the next creatures to breed. Watch this space!

You can also find animals within a number of the classrooms. There are several varieties of tortoises, chinchillas, clown fish, stick insects and a hamster which the children care for. The children are given the opportunity to take the animals home for the weekends and during the holidays. This initiative is not always as popular with the parents as it is with the pupils.

The animals make the school a very interesting place to be but they instil some vital key skills in the children from a very young age. The children learn how to care for the creatures and take responsibility for their well-being. They learn about habitats and the feeding habits of different animals. The geographical, scientific and biological links connected with such work is endless.

As well as the animals listed above the school are also very proud of their chickens, many of which were hatched at the school. The chicken coop is found on the junior yard and the clucking of the chickens is a regular soundtrack to the school day. Their eggs are used by the school kitchen and cookery club and are rumoured to be exceptionally tasty.

In addition to what goes on at the school there are many links established with outside agencies and different countries around the world. The children regularly visit Pensychnant and put to good use the skills they learn at school. Visits also take place to the RSPB nature reserve. An African exchange programme has seen teachers go to schools in
Madagascar and

Malawi where they have experienced life from a different cultural perspective. Ysgol San Sior has hosted similar visits by visiting African teachers. Lots of experiences have been shared with the children, who now have a greater appreciation of lives lived on the African continent. A tree planting ceremony in both parts of the world officially recognised the exchange. On the school field a number of trees can be found, Bardsey apple trees being just one example.

It is obvious that Ysgol San Sior is a unique school which offers its pupils rare opportunities. The children at the end of their time at the school leave with not only the curriculum knowledge they have gained through their classroom studies but also an abundance of practical skills that can be put to good use. The children and staff work very hard to maintain an eco-friendly run school that sets a standard that could put a number of adults to shame. The school has done all they can to be a ‘green school’ and the whole school would now benefit from the proposed solar panels and would see all their hard work rewarded.

Many thanks

Lindsey Lewis

I am emailing to vote for Ysgol San Sior Primary School, in Llandudno, to win the prize of £65,000 worth of solar panels.
My son has attended the school for four years and in this time, not only have I been happy with his academic progress I have also been very impressed with the school’s overall ethos regarding the wider environment in caring for other people, animals and the natural world.
My son has been made aware of many ecolocigal issues and – more importantly – how he, as an individual, can make a difference to the world including methods of recycling, energy saving awareness, consideration for others in the community, providing for wildlife and protecting the natural world around him.
Their website lists their impressive range of eco-credentials, and I feel that, of all the entrants in the competition, the prize would make a considerable difference to the school and its pupils – who can be relied upon to make the best advantage of such an energy-saving opportunity.
Thank you,
Rachel Simpson (on behalf of Charley Simpson, Haulfre yr 3)
As a parent of San Sior I cannot express how much they deserve this amazing prize. The whole ethos of the school is about regeneration , recycling and giving new life . This is something that is implemented by the staff and children some of which are only three years of age !Please choose us !Thank youE.Shade (Parent)
I am writing to offer my support to this school due to the commitment and values already demonstrated in making the school as environmentally friendly as possible.Since my daughter ‘Kayleigh’ has been going to this school, she has maintained the values learnt from school and transferred them at home. She can now be found regularly helping to tidy litter and putting things away, switches off electric not being used e.g. TV, she even knows the different bins used for recycling – a task that I still find confusing.Due to these reasons alone, I wish San Sior the best of luck in the competition, whilst knowing that my daughter is already making strides in helping the environment a better place for the future.Mr and Mrs Chan

Ysgol San Sior prides itself on many and varied attributes. One of its most well known qualities is it’s teachings and practises in ecological matters. Often the school can be heard on the local radio station broadcasting it’s many eco achievements to the local community. Also, the local press will often run an article on Ysgol San Sior’s latest endeavours into the ecological landscape. The children are extensively involved in the science of studying the earth, the environment and aspire to be earth-friendly, not harmful to the environment and contribute to eco-friendly practices that help conserve resources. All this is achieved and on many different fronts under the direction of dedicated staff, led by headteacher Mr Ian Keith Jones.

I hope that you will agree according to some of the ecological initiatives outlined below, Ysgol San Sior is truly a deserving candidate to win The British Gas Schools competition. The provision of energy saving equipment would certainly enhance their already significant eco credentials and would be well utilised. The technology if implemented at Ysgol San Sior, could also be showcased to their African friends in the African Schools Exchange Programme, to show what one day may be utilised on their continent for their energy efficiency needs too.

The Eco Club is run on most Thursdays after school. The children often come equipped in all-weather clothing and can be seen attending the vegetable plot. Turnips, carrots, broccoli, potatoes, strawberries, pine berries are carefully attended to by the children. All the produce, once ready for harvest is given to the dinner ladies who take great delight in cooking this hearty fresh Welsh organic food for the children. Blackberries can be found growing wild in the school grounds and also do not escape the keen eye of the children. They take great delight in picking some at break times and studiously washing them before devouring! These are harvested once ripened and a natural allocation takes place between local birds and hungry children.

Chickens are also organically raised on the school grounds with plenty of room for them to move around. Their free range eggs also find their way onto the plates of hungry children at dinner time. The yolks are so intensively yellow, they are reputed to glow in the dark…

Over twelve species of animals can be found at Ysgol San Sior. Some are located at reception so as to make them available for all to see. Other are located in the children’s classes. Children have the opportunity to take some pets home at the weekend to care for, often to the despair of parents! So popular is this, a roster is established to give all children the opportunity to connect with pets in their homes. Often children experience this for the first time in their lives.

A butterfly garden has been created in a quieter corner of the school grounds where a habitat has been constructed to encourage visiting butterflies and moths. Moth trapping takes place so that children can get up close and study these fascinating creatures, before releasing once again to the wild.

A pond is situated in the gardens where children sometimes engage in pond dipping. Numerous resources are to hand to help in the identification of many varied species of insects and fish. Watching the development lifecycle of frogs is a firm favourite. An underwater camera has been procured and is soon to be put into use to enable the children to study in real time, the underwater goings on!

Bird nesting boxes have been situated with the addition of spy cameras. Consequently nesting birds have been observed feeding their chicks much to the delight and fascination of all concerned.

A curious looking hole discovered in the school grounds was carefully investigated by way of night camera. Children were delighted once they analysed the evidence captured on the video link, for it was discovered that the latest arrival at the school was a fox! Being mainly nocturnal in an urban environment, the fox has only ever been seen on video.

The Llandudno in bloom competition has been won by Ysgol San Sior for many years, often consecutively, as a direct result of the schools green fingered efforts nurturing some magnificent gardens.

As well as the standard recycling which takes place, there is a no waste policy at the school. This means that anyone who brings non-recyclable waste into school has to take it home with them. It is a bin-less school and consequently, this saves the school hundreds of pounds in council refuse collection services per annum. The school has been recognised as the best at recycling in Conwy county. The resources saved are reinvested into the school, often in projects that are proposed by the school Eco Councillors.

School communications are sent electronically by email or text.

An Eco Council has been established at the school. Two children from each Junior class have been voted into their roles as Eco Councillors. The Eco council convenes periodically to discuss, to make proposals and to make decisions on all issue that are ecologically related to the school.

An African exchange programme has seen teachers go to schools in Madagascar and Malawi where they have experienced life from a different cultural perspective. Ysgol San Sior has hosted similar visits to their school, by visiting African teachers. Lots of experiences have been shared with the children, who now have a greater appreciation of lives lived on the African continent and perhaps in comparison enabling a different perspective on their lives here in Wales. A tree planting ceremony in both parts of the world officially recognised the exchange. Various ecological initiatives came out of the African Exchange Programme. Children have learnt of some African species of plants and trees, some of which are quite rare and decided to attempt to grow these until they are mature enough to be sold, with all proceeds going to the African schools visited. Currently Monkey Puzzle trees and Mother of Millions are being grown in the homes of children. More traditionally, Christmas trees are also being grown at school to be sold. Again, the children wish for all proceeds to go to the African schools.

A traditional African game called Bao comprising of a hollowed out wooden board and stones as playing pieces, is played in most of East Africa. One was bought from the local African community and introduced to the children of Ysgol San Sior. It has been a huge success with many children opting to turn off their Xboxes and Playstations at home in favour of playing their favourite homemade game of Bao.

Children at Ysgol san Sior recently decided that their ecological interests would be better served with the addition of a greenhouse at school. A combination of limited funds and a passion for recycling saw their dreams come alive by building a greenhouse made out of recycled plastic bottles! However, it must be said that not all of Ysgol San Sior’s eco endeavours are appreciated by the whole of the local community. In fact this eco project came under attack not so long ago… one of the local goats fell from an elevated position directly onto the roof of the greenhouse collapsing it completely!

A Walk to School initiative was launched to encourage children to leave the car at home and walk to school where practical. Children’s efforts were rewarded to encourage higher levels of fitness and consequent reduction in the carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels.

Computers are never left on stand-by but are switched off immediately after use. Lights are not left on in vacant rooms.

Kind Regards,

Mr T. J. Rance.

(Parent of Abigail Rance, Year 5, Ysgol San Sior)

I would like to nominate Ysgol San Sior for the solar panels prize at their school.My son attends the school and what they have achieved over the past couple of years is truly remarkable.They are very dedicated to the environment and trying to protect it in any way they can however big or small it may be.

They have set up an Eco friendly club where they discuss various issues and plan what they will put into action for the school.

They have recently taken away ALL the litter bins at the school and re-cycle everything they possibly can.They have “litter bugs” on patrol to help.They compost all the garden waste and use water butts to help in the garden too.

They encourage all the children who can to walk to school and they have walk to school badges.The school also promotes healthy eating and only fruit maybe eaten at playtimes.The school menu is very varied and offers a healthy nutritious meal daily.

The foyer at the school is full of various different animals ranging from chameleons, geckos and tortoises.The children all help to look after them and learn about their environment.

Every day when a classroom is not being used, the lights are turned off and also the computers are turned off when not in use.The children have a wonderful Butterfly Garden with a pond at the school which they all help with.The school recently won the Llandudno in Bloom and quite deservedly to.

It is rare you come across a school with such dedication from the pupils and teachers and all run by an extremely dedicated head teacher, Mr Jones.

I believe Ysgol San Sior truly deserves this prize after all the hard work and dedication they have shown and it would be a marvellous achievement for the school to have the solar panels.

Yours faithfully

Nicole Wiggin (Sam’s mum)

My name’s Nicola Mullin and I am the Year 6 teacher here at Ysgol San Sior. From the moment you walk into the school foyer you are greeted by our menagerie of animals and you just know that this is a special school that offers something different.

We are so lucky to have so many wonderful animals at our school, ranging from geckos and chameleons to chickens and even a hamster. We have four baby tortoise in our Year 6 classroom: two red-footed tortoise and two leopard tortoise. The children are given the responsibility to look after the tortoise and have completed research projects to find out how they can look after the animals in the best possible way.

Here are a few of many examples of the way in which our school environment enhances childrens’ learning: pupils complete research tasks to find out where in the world our different animals are from and therefore develop their Geography skills. They also develop their Maths and business skills when growing and selling Monkey Puzzle trees and Christmas trees. Pupils even have the opportunity to use eggs laid by our chickens in cookery club.

At our school, we recycle everything. We do not have rubbish bins as we aim to instil the importance of recycling: recycling now comes naturally to our pupils-like second nature-as a way of life. I believe that we are the only school in our county to have taken such a big step in promoting recycling and all pupils and staff support this. Our greenhouse, made out of 2,000 recycled plastic bottles, highlights our unique commitment to reducing, re-using and recycling. We also have water butts so that we can water our beautiful plants using recycled water and hippo bags in the toilets to save water.

Ysgol San Sior offers several wild gardens and so pupils can experience a range of plants, animals and minibeasts at first hand, in their natural environment. We also have some very rare apple trees, from Bardsey Island and our Year 6 visit this special island every year to view and enjoy its outstanding natural beauty.

Pupils play a very active part in looking after our school animals and environment: Ysgol San Sior boasts an Eco Club, Eco Council and dedicated Eco Monitors.

I believe that Ysgol San Siôr should win this competition because we don’t teach our children academic skills alone, we teach our children how to care for themselves, others and world around them. Looking after the animals nurtures childrens’ caring side and gives them a sense of responsibility. One of our school motto’s is ‘Living to Learn-Learning to Live’. The adults of the future need to learn how to live in a way that is as eco-friendly as possible and we offer them a fine grounding in this here at Ysgol San Sior.

I am writing to offer a letter of support for Ysgol San Sior ; Whom i deeply believe should win the £65,000 worth of solar panels.The school does so much to be environmentally friendly and has , most recently , taken away all the dustbins! I don’t think recycling can be taken to a much higher level than that! the school instills the need , reasons and practicalities of recycling into our children. Which in our current climate is so important.My 5year old is fully into and aware of how recycling works and enjoys helping with sorting out all of the recycling at home. My 3year old is also begining to understand and both of them are always relunctant to put anything into the general waste.I really feel the school has been making so much effort in this area with projects like the plastic bottle greenhouse, going paperless and e-mailing letters etc. They would be the most deserving winners of this prize.Best RegardsMrs Debbie CorkishYsgol San Sior Parent
With regards to the British gas schools competition I would like to vote for Ysgol San sior, Llandudno, Conwy.I am very passionate about the school and its environmentally friendly approach. As a parent it is imperative my children have the best possible start in life which good education provides.The school promotes a healthy living lifestyle and also teaches the children the importance of the environment and how to care for it. It does this by encouraging a friendly caring environment which includes the care for animals, it is amazing how the creatures of the school bring the school together, it makes the children feel at ease and teaches them the life cycle.I believe it is amazing the change the school has gone through and the time and effort they have all put in both staff and children in order to make the school a total recycling school. It has taught my children from as young as three years the impact and benefits recycling has.The whole school would benefit from the solar panels or other energy saving equipment now and for years to come.Thank youHannah O’Gorman (Parent)
‘I would like to nominate my daughter’s school -Ysgol San Sior in Llandudno. Head teacher -Ian Jones.This school has taught my daughter the value of being environmentally friendly through its ethos of genuine celebration of the environment. Chickens, butterflies, lizards, tortoise live in a school where recycling is taken to another level! It is a bin less school! Everything, and we mean Everything is recycled. Green houses made out of plastic bottles, letters sent electronically to save on the environment. My daughter is not only learning to read, write, be numerate and more confident she is learning to care about the world and how to do it effectively.’ Richard Pethig
“Environmentalist extrodinaires, pro-active and encouraging. Bin size reduced from 1100 litres to 240 litres, saving £10.50/week. Recycle paper, plastic, metal, cardboard, compost garden waste. ‘Eco warriers’ monitor ‘litter bugs’ patrol. Eco-council make the school greener, so it’s no surprise they fly their Eco-Flag high and proud. Energy monitors check lights, water hippos in the loos, butts in the garden. Through it’s fun activities and a weekly eco-club the school ensure “eco-friendliness” is a way of life, with money saved giving additional opportunities for all. Solar panels would be the ‘icing on the cake’ for such a highly aspiring eco-school”. Debbie Waddington
To generation green,
I would like to vote for the primary school ‘Ysgol San Soir’ because they recycle every thing they can, and last year removed there rubbish bins. They love to look after there gardens, field and pond, and have lots of animals they look after aswell. They also have compost bins to put their food waste in. They have chickens aswell and they use the eggs that the chickens lay for there school dinners. They are trying to save energy by switching off lights when they go out of the classroom. They have their own eco club aswell and I go every Thursday and learn about the environment, plant seeds and make posters about the enviroment aswell. The headmasters(and a very good one) name is Mr Jones and the schools address is Ysgol San Sior, ChurchWalks, Llandudno
From Evie Barrasford aged 9 (sent with permission from Simon Barrasford my Dad)
I wish to nominate Ysgol San Sior, a primary school in Church Walks, Llandudno, Conwy for the most eco friendly school in the UK.My daughter has attended the school for 6 years; the school has a well earned reputation for raising awareness of of environmental issues, introducing recycling and reuse initiatives as well as encouraging pupils to explore sustainability issues. The school has developed eco cabins, gardens and a pond within the grounds, keeps its own chickens and composts green waste on site for use on the gardens.Mr Jones the Head Master, engages the pupils with his infectious enthusiasm for environmental issues; our daughters positive attitude to recycling and reusing at home is testament to the schooling she receives. Mr Jones engages with local social sector recycling practitioners to give talks to the children about textiles recycling and also tackling food poverty with food waste through the local surplus food charity Fare Share North Wales based in Llandudno Junction. Mr Jay Martin
I would like to recommend Ysgol san Sior on church walks Llandudno because….from the moment you walk into the school you know it’s a very different one from any other in the area!! The foyer has lots of reptiles from Yemen chameleons to crested geckos and lots more.

San Sior is a unique environment for children to learn and grow from the age of 3 to 11 years. They are encouraged to care and look after the schools 23 species of creatures and follow a Eco plan written by the Eco council. The staff and children have spent many years turning around the way we think about the world we live in forging links with Madagascar and Malawi.
Within the school grounds the children have a butterfly garden with a pond alive with wildlife and a Eco cabin built with oak from Denbigh. In the summer months the children set up month traps and check them the following morning to see what is there and record what they find.

On the junior side of the school the children and Mr Jones have built a greenhouse out of 2000 used plastic bottles by the vegetable beds and compost bins. They spent lots of time planting food for the tortoises. The children collect eggs from the chickens for cookery club.

Within the school the staff and children have organised a complete recycling system where everything is recycled and the school has just gone bin free which they are all very proud of.
They are also aware of saving energy and water. And the Eco warriors check that all classes close doors and switch lights of during playtime.
I have had two children attend San Sior and now three of my grandchildren are there the sense of pride and understanding they leave with carries them through life.

What Mr Jones his staff and pupils have done is set a foundation for the future of tomorrow’s children and the achievements gained.

To be able to generate their own solar electricity would be the next level that the school needs to reach. For a small primary school it has made a big impression on the environment.
Fiona Roberts parent and grandparent
When we first visited Ysgol San Sior in 2011 we were struck by how eco- concious and friendly the school was then, and since our son’s attendence we are continually amazed and delighted at the various projects that take place at the school. All age groups are involved with projects and it is wonderful to see the children being so aware of their surroundings and what they, as an individual and group can do to help shape the world that they live in both now and in the future.
The children and classes are praised and rewarded when they are eco-concious, whether it is walking to school instead of the car, recycling, energy saving, gardening etc, so the children are proud of themselves and their school.
We would like to highlight a few projects and policies that we feel, as parents, really set Ysgol San Sior apart from other schools.
LITTER – Ysgol San Sior now have NO litter bins in the classrooms and staffroom and they have children in groups called ‘Litter Bugs’ patrolling the school to check for litter.
In year 6 they have the ECO WARRIORS who check the classes recycling. The children are proactive in managing the litter and recycling, which of course will continue outside of school if they are taught at an early age to think in this way…..as our 5 year old prooves to us at home!
San Sior recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, metal and they compost…..a fab effort especially considering that many companies and organisations involving adults don’t do half as much!
The school have ‘Energy Monitors’ – children who go around and check that lights are off etc.
Very importantly the school display the Eco Flag and have an Eco-Council that meet twice a term to discuss the current situation and future plans.
The children at Ysgol San Sior are particularly lucky as each class have their own garden which they are resposible for …..obviously with guidance! The children learn how to grow veg and flowers and also have their own fruit trees. They have won ‘Llandudno in Bloom regularly since 1999 and came 1st last year, as well as winning ‘gold’ in Wildlife Gardens North Wales COmpetition. The children must feel very proud of all their achievements in this area, and that in turn will encourage their enthusiasm with these long term initiatives.
The children also keep chickens at the school, as well as having a pond, moth traps, bird boxes and a butterfly garden.
To instill in children at primary school age how important their ‘world’ is, and all that lives in it – be it animal or plant – must be (in our opinion) one of the most important lessons of life.
It is sad that many children in our country are unaware of how our ‘human’ actions harm our planet on a day to day basis. On the otherhand, they MAY be aware of the harm that is happening, but UNAWARE of what they can do about it. When your child goes to a school like San Sior then you KNOW that they have the best chance of understanding the world around them and leading their life as a child and later as an adult in a caring, positive and eco-friendly way.
The school have a large range of reptiles from all around the world that the children are involved with. Mr Jone’s passion for these creatures must be contagious for many of the children (our son included!). What a great way to help our children to understand and hopefully be interested in other parts of the world and how their different eco-systems work – by helping to look after (and breed!!) creatures from Asia, Africa, Madagascar, Argentina……! I truly believe that if children are aware of the impact our actions can have in far off countries and other people’s and animal’s habitats then they will start to think twice!
We have mentioned just a few things that we feel are important to us and our son, and we are in full support of Ysgol San Sior becoming the most eco-friendly school in the UK.
We believe that the dedication that the staff, children and parents show in the day to day running of the school in an ‘eco’ manner is outstanding and would like to give them a BIG well done!!! They would truly deserve to win such an award and it would be very exciting for everyone involved with the school at every level. Nicola Pearce