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Annual Parent Governor Report

Each letter is numbered and emailed to parents. A copy is also placed in the general outdoor noticeboard. Class letters are placed in the outdoor noticeboards (on order) outside the school., there is a noticeboard for Nursery / Reception, Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6

Letter 1

Dear Parents,

 Rather a long email but I would appreciate it if you could read this one….

 Please help us to improve attendance by NOT taking holidays during term time. I hope you had the opportunity to read our ESTYN inspection. It was frustrating that the inspectors graded Wellbeing as good despite describing it as excellent. He explained that the only reason that we didn’t get excellent in this area was because average attendance over the last three years had been lower than the National Average. This was despite our attendance 2015/16 being higher than both the authority’s and National Average average!


 The Governors, Under Regulation 12 of the Education Regulations 1981, have discretionary power, for leave to be granted for the purpose of an annual family holiday or holiday during term time. Only in exceptional circumstances may the amount exceed (in total) more than ten school days in any year. Pupils will not normally be granted leave unless travel away from home is contemplated.

I’m afraid if family are visiting you then a child may not take time off school. Please also note any absence on Fridays / Mondays to extend a weekend will always be classed as unauthorised.

Holidays during the testing period of of 2-9th May, 2018 will not be authorised so please don’t book holidays during this time.

Time off school during birthdays / sibling’s birthdays in unauthorised. (We have an issue here. Where children are absent on their birthday with a note to saying they were ill,  but the child discloses that they were at a theme park! Remember : your children tell us EVERYTHING!


A pupil arriving late may disrupt not only his or her continuity of learning but that of others. For registration to mean anything at all, a firm line must therefore be taken on all late arrivals. Where pupils miss registration and fail to provide an adequate explanation they will be marked as unauthorised absence for that session. To do otherwise would undermine the whole purpose of registration and may serve to encourage other pupils to arrive late. Individual circumstances will of course be taken into account if late arrival stems from unavoidable circumstances.

 If you are late please bring your child to the main office, as access to the classes by the usual routes will have been closed. The lateness will be recorded.

 All the children are in the main hall 9.10-9.25am If you arrive during this time you will be required to wait, (I’m sorry) with your child, until your child can join the class at 9.25am


Absences as a result of illness or dental appointments will be treated as authorised absences (provided the school is informed). While I am not for one minute suggesting you send your child to school if they are ill we would urge you to make every effort to send your child to school. It appears from our data that a higher number of children are ill on Mondays.

 Each month the class with the highest attendance will be rewarded (please note that we will not include children who have long term illnesses)

 Some data that you might find interesting:

 Attendance last year 95.2% (our target was 96%)

Incredibly both boys and girls attendance was exactly the same!

Boys 95.2%

Girls 95.2%


1563 sessions lost due to illness

1300 sessions lost to holidays

266 sessions lost to medical / dental appointments (If possible arrange these sessions either after school or towards the end of the day. Literacy and Numeracy skills are introduced in the mornings. Missing a morning session to routine appointments is not advisable)

(a session is classes as a morning or an afternoon)

 121 sessions late! In other words only 37% of the year everyone arrived on time! We really need to crack down on lateness.

There is no reason why everyone can’t be at the school for 9am

8am-8.30am Pre-breakfast club Charge:£1

8.30-8.50am Breakfast Club and it is free

8.50-9am Staff supervise the children

 Your support in helping us achieve our target would be appreciated. Thank you

 Please could you remember to bring all items that your child may need for the day, ie lunch boxes, homework, PE kit, etc, as this takes up staff time having to deliver the items around the school, and is disruptive to the classes.  Thank you for your co-operation.