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School Council



School Council

Two children are nominated from each class from Year 2-6 to represent the school. The school council meets on the last Friday of every month. On this page you will learn about what goes on in these meetings.

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Year 2   Year 4 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
2014-10-24_11-14-12 2014-10-24_11-13-04 2014-10-24_11-13-09 2014-10-24_11-12-56 2014-10-24_11-14-23
Year 2 Year 3 Year 3 Year 4 Year 6

24th of October 2014 :1:30pm

Layla and Jacob, Maddison and Frazer, Kian yr4 Megan away,  Charlie and Theo, Mia o and Oscar yr 6

We opened today’s meeting by celebrating how successful the cake day was on the 17th of October. £220.60 was raised towards painting the play grounds. The tea towel template arrived today ready for each class to draw on ready for the Christmas fair on the 4th of December. The school council would like to set up and run this stall and we will speak to Mr Jones about the possibility. At the next meeting the council will plan the Christmas disco. We all agreed it’s better to have the sponsored walk in the spring. Mia O and Oscar will ask Ieuan and Jamie Burke to help them organise playground monitors for year 2 and 3. Kian did his research into how much it costs to run a computer each year. It costs £100 Kian will speak to Mr Price about a Minecraft club. The school council would be happy to help run it . Theo is going to ask Mr Price about goal post for the junior yard this would stop the ball hitting the windows and plants but also protect the pheasants. San Sior got talent to be arranged in December’s meeting. Roald Dahl day would tie in with world book day in March.

School Council to help and organise in each class all the Christmas labels with prayers on ready for them to hang on the Christmas tree. Need to ask Mr Jones to order a tree.

School council meeting

26 September 1:40

Lalya, Jacob,Maddison, Frazer, Megan Kian,Theo, Charlie,Mia O, Oscar

  • December disco
  • Monkey tree business
  • T.towel for Xmas fair
  • Re paint both playgrounds
  • Sponsored walk
  • 17 own cloths day/cake day
  • Foot painted outside the school again
  • Play ground monitors yr 2 + 1
  • Minecraft club do we charge? Using electric?
  • Roald Dahl day dressing up as a character and facts
  • San Sior Got Talent
  • Goal post on junior playground
  • Kian find out how much it costs to run a computer

Mia & Oscar

If you have any ideas how we can improve the school please speak to your school councilors.
Anti Bullying Committee Page

Here are the minutes held on 12th November

  •     When a new pupil starts at the school make them aware of the fire alarm and what they need to do from    the first day. Responsibility of Mr Jones and class teachers
  •     School Disco on the 18th December = James to arrange with Miss Lewis (Dosbarth Haulfre)
  •      To have a worry box so that if you are getting bullied or feel worried about something you write it down on a piece of paper and post it through into the box = Pass this to the Anti Bullying Committee
  •     We would love to have an Art day so that you can do art all day = Talk to Mrs Jones (Dosbarth Mostyn) and the teachers about this.
  •     We are going to have an Eco day which is an open day so that parents can pop in to see the school grounds and see the amazing things that go on in our school = Mr Joes to organise next term once the solar panels are working
  •     No response from parents with our appeal for bird feeders so Mr Jones will take Esme and three other pupils to buy bird feeders. We will leave the school’s nature cam to film the birds that feed on the bird feeders = Esme
  •     We are going to have a sponsorship system. We have lots of creatures in the school menagerie and will invite pupils to sponsor the creatures like they do in the zoo.
  •     We are going to have a PJ/Onezie day and it’s a £1 to wear them and the money will go to Uganda. This will be next term as there is a lot going on this term
  •     We are going to do the Masterchef again = Speak to Miss Lewis (Haulfre) and see if we can go to the Bodnant Welsh Food Centre for cookery lessons
  •     We would love to do The Apprentice again in Year 6 = Mrs Beardmore
  •     We would like to organise another History day (Summer Term)
  •     We are going to do create a questionnaire to see what the pupils think of the school. This time we will add some more questions to the ones that were asked last term


Here are the minutes held on 3rd October, 2013

  • We are going to start a book club after school. Last Year Year 6 tried to help the infants by starting a Homework Club but it wasn’t well attended. Date will be arranged. We are going to contact all of the parents and pupils to see who will want to stay. Year 5 and 6 will stay and help them with reading activities.
  • If you have a child in year 2 we are going to work with the teachers so year 6 can help year 2 with their reading.
  • We might start a golf club. Will give more info to anyone who is interested, Louis will look into this by contacting one of the Goldf Clubs in Llandudno.
  • We will be organising a year 5 & 6 sleep over once every year.
  • We think that it would be a good idea to paint two small football pitches on the yard so we will soon be going through with that. The councillors voted on whether one or two pitches should be marked. Mr Jones will contact Ground Control.
  • We will support Ty Gobaith by having a no uniform day and all children pay £1 on Friday, 25th October.
  • Next year’s Beach Day will have a fund raising element with money towards RNLI
  • Sam is going to write to all parents to see if anyone can support football / rugby at the school, while Louis will speak to Mrs Birchall about tennis club. Jacob asked for a goal in the infants playground and Year 6 boys will assemble one for them.
  • Esme is going to write to all parents to see if they can donate bird feeders tothe school and is going to arrange a timetable for children to fill the birdfeeders.
  • James is going to speak to Miss Lewis to see if she will arrange a school disco
  • After half term we will have a Cookie Day instead of a Cake Day.
  • All councillors to remind teachers about the Royal Mail Art Competition and the Christmas Card Competition
  • Councilors felt the climbing frame isn’t used enough.
  • Mr Jones reminded all councilors that their classes need to think of an enterprise to raise money

Next meeting : karate, art, gymnastics, Celebrity Day / Sports Hero

Here are the minutes held on the 3rd May, 2013

  •     Fancy a night off? 7pm — 9.30am. Year 5 / 6 Sleep over at the school. Date to be announced. Come to school at 7pm. Play rounders on the field. Have a sizzling sausage bap on the BBQ. Set the school moth traps. Watch a film. Sleep in the hall. Have breakfast and open the moth traps. £5 per child.
  •     Please can the adventure play area on the school field be extended and painted? Monkey Bars are too low please can we raise their height. I’m afraid funds are too low please bend your knees year 6!
  •     Write a book review and the best review will win a £5 book voucher. Please give the review to Kiah or Grace. Instructions will soon be on the Book Review Page.
  •     School Council to run a cake stall and will write to Summer Best’s Mum for help
  •     Homework club -poster will be made advertising this and will open it up to Year 1
  •     Summer Tropical Disco – Matthew to write to M Hughes & Co asking if they can supply melons and tropical fruit for the cocktails.
  •     Beach Afternoon 21st June – all classes to go to beach for a sand castle competition / or each class to organise a class activity eg beach art, poetry
  •     Bigger School Dinners – remember Year 6 can have second helpings. Year 6 invited to see the amount of food waste. Children taking food and wasting it.
  •     Letter to be sent getting parental consent for children in Year 6 to use the Butterfly Garden unsupervised.
  •       On the 17th of May we will be holding Elmer Day. We hold this day each year and contrary to belief it is NOT a day of Religious Observation. Elmer is a multicoloured elephant and the children come to school dressed in multicoloured clothing and the punishment for doing so it to bring some plants to school for the school gardens. This is just one way we have always succeeded in winning Llandudno in Bloom — don’t tell other schools, although some schools now also hold an Elmer Day !!!! This year we are doing things a little differently and I hope you will still support the school.Each year the school gardens are a riot of colour but they look their best when the school is CLOSED over the summer holidays. So this year we will be planting plants to attract bees. On 17th May PLEASE send your child to school in colourful clothes but please can you send your child with a LAVENDAR plant. These are more expensive so you may wish to join forces with another parent and send the lavender plant in jointly or perhaps send £1 to the school and we will buy the plants. Tal Goed & Snowdonia Nurseries sell these plants. £3 WILL BUY A NICE SIZED PLANT.THANK YOU . THANK YOU
  •     There were other outstanding issues from the previous meeting that needed addressing

Here are the minutes of the meeting held on 5th March, 2013 (9.45-10.20am)

  •     Red Nose Day arrangements: dress outrageously, bring a joke to school, buy a red nose and wear it
  •     Book Mark’s Puppet Show (12th April)
  •     History Day on 7th June where children dress up as a character from history
  •     Art Club (Regan to ask parents & teachers if anyone might run this club)
  •     Homework Club (Year 6 to run this club to help younger children with their homework and reading activities)
  •     More computers (Mr Jones explained that 15 ipads will arrive soon)
  •     Cross Country (Keating to see if this can be organised)
  •     Mine Craft for Schools (Matthew will look into this and speak to Mr Price and or Mr Crossland)
  •     Dog fouling and litter on the school field (Abigail to write to papers and police liasion officer)
  •     Grass cutting and football pitch lining (Keating to organise with secretary)
  •     Easter Egg Hunt (50p to enter, max 5 eggs per person, on last day of term and all profits to pay for chicken run extension)
  •     Teacher Learning Day – competition where a child from each class may give a lesson to the class & THE TEACHER. (Teacher to dress as pupil suggestion)
  •     Summer Tropical Disco

Here are the minutes of the meeting held on 1st February January, 2013 (2.00-2.30pm)

  •     Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen Disco was discussed and all councillors were praised for successfully organising this event
  •     It is important that councillors make sure they have completed tasks to report back to the council meetings
  •     World Book Fair 7th March
  •     Pjama Day 22nd March with all proceeds shared between RNLI and School Council
  •     San Sior’s Got Talent Auditions week starting 29th April with finals on 16th May,
  •     See calendar on Friends of the School page
  •     A spreadsheet will need to be created by the next meeting to show the balance of funds and how much money is raised and spent by the School Council. Kiah to organise with Mr Jones

Here are the minutes of the meeting held on 11th January, 2013 (2.30-3pm)

  •     Santes Dwynwen disco – 50p per child and wear your own clothes. All funds to school council
  •     San Sior’s got talent – This was brilliant last year. We could invite parents to the finals. Who can we get to judge?
  •     Yr 2-swing/slide/roundabout/big buggies (larger toys) but we dont have anough money to do it
  •     Pyjama day : collect money
  •     Yr 6 prom-Mr Price said its parents that organise it.
  •     After school sports clubs: all members to ask pupils what clubs they would like
  •     Art club
  •     Regan and Nell need to check how much was raised in the Christmas Disco
  •     Next meeting Friday 1st of Febuary (all meetings in future will eb held on the first Friday of every month)

Here are the minutes of our first meeting held on 9th November, 2012. 9.15am – 10.15am

  •     Firstly, we nominated a chair person, Keating Hoe-Pike Yr 6 won the vote and Matthew Twigg Yr 6 won deputy
  •     Secondly, we nominated a secretary, Sophie Climpson Yr 6 and Kiah Williams also Yr 6 were nominated
  •     Then we nominated a treasurer, Regan Nelson Yr 4 and Nell Pethig Yr 4 won and they will make a spreadsheet of our accounts. Mr Jones gave the council £100 and it is up to us to raise future funds.
  •     Last year meetings were not held very often so this year we will hold a meeting on the first Friday of every month
  •     School council are going to have a stall at the Christmas fair and they will give out leaflets asking for comments on how we can improve the school. Results here
  •     We also discussed getting football nets on the yard for the boys, sponge balls and netball hoops for the girls.
  •     A Book Club will be held at our school and Kiah will speak to Miss Mullin about how this can be formed.
  •     A Book Sale was discussed and this will take place in January where children can bring in books that they have read and funds can go to the school council.
  •     We have also suggested a Mine-Craft club after school or in break times. We will write to Mr Crossland in Ysgol Bryn Elian as they have bought Mincraft for Schools. Is there a chance that pupils from Bryn Elian can set this club up for us?
  •     Garden bibs were requested for children who work in the gardens, but it was decided to pass this request to the School Eco-Council
  •     We will also be holding a Christmas disco, but you will have to bring your own CDs so it will save us money, however there willl be a relaxation area and refreshments,these include juice,crisps and cakes.A cost of £1 – £1.50 was suggested
  •     A group of yr 6s will go to year 2 to help improve their reading. We will be paired up with a year 2 child and will listen to them read – Reading Buddies. We will discuss this with Miss Mullin (Year 6)and Mrs Jones (Year 2)
  •     For the Christmas fair we will ask Jordan Killpatrick to perform on his piano for our enjoyment.
  •     The boys have asked if they can go to the Oval to play football matches instead of our school field.
  •     Some pupils asked if an area could be dedicated to playing on scooters and it was decided that this wasn’t possible because of lack of space.