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Our Chickens

STOP PRESS: We now sell fresh eggs laid by our flock of chickens £1.50 for half a dozen or a box of 7 for £1.75. Our eggs are unique in that you may get a blue egg laid by one of our Lavander Auracana or Cream Legbar hens, a chocolate brown egg laid by our Copper-blue Marans or a pure white egg laid by our Arucanas as well as the pale brown eggs laid by the other hens! Whatever the colour, you are guaranteed to get delicious eggs, laid by our happy free range hens!
Special thanks to North Wales Joinery for supplying all our bedding.

Meet our Chickens

We have 87 chickens of the following breeds:

33 x Ginger Nut Rangers

2 x Light Sussex

These are our Copper-blue and Silver-blue marans x5

5 x Silver Appenzeller Spitzhauben

1 x Plymouth Barred

3 x Minorcas

4 X German Langshans


4 x Speckled Sussex

1 xSilkie cross

1 x Silver-laced Wyandotte


6x Lavender Arucana

2x Bluebell

3x Cuckoo Maran

1 white wyandotte

3 x dark sussex

 3x Cuckoo Maran

6 x Anconas

3 x chocolate Wyandottes

4 x Cream Legbar

What a lot of eggs…..Shouldn’t chickens stop laying in Winter?December has been a record month with 893 eggs laid (£223.25)

Our Plymouth barred and Silver Appenzellers have really grown. We have given away most of our cockerels now but have kept cockerels of our lavendar arucana, copper splash, plymoth rock and Silver Appenzeller

Like our new boxes? We now sell eggs in boxes of 7 eggs. And this week our lovely Ancona hens have started laying their pure white eggs.
It was a record week this week with 182 eggs laid in just one week. Also this week our 2000th egg was laid and the Siena and Brandon bought the box and were treated with a day’s free entry to Bodnant Gardens. Thank you Bodnant Gardens for the prize.

Here we are redesigning our egg boxes with the help of Jeff Gill.

Worming 84 chickens!

This doesn’t look like much fun but today we gave each of our chickens some medicine to make sure they don’t have worms and to make sure they lay the tastiest biggest eggs.


What will they grow up to be?

The chicks are active within a couple of hours of hatching but look nothing like their parents. See if you can link these to their parents above!

chickens 1

Silver-laced Wyandottes

Silver Appenzeller Spitzhauben

Plymouth Barred

Speckled Sussex



Pale blue araucana eggs & West Sussex and Rhode Island Red eggs

April 2013 we have a flock of 14 chickens and many many chicks, in fact…. we have 60 chicks. We have different breeds, some rather unusual ones. The Araucanas lay beautiful blue eggs and the Marans will lay deep copper eggs. We sell the eggs and use the profits to pay for feed and bedding for the chickens as well towards buying live food for the school menagerie.

How many chickens are we allowed to keep?

We had to fill in some forms for Mr Martin Elphick who is the Egg Marketing Inspector. Before we can sell eggs to Bodnant Welsh Food Centre we need to be registered. Mr Jones gave us some of the questions.We had to calculate how many chickens we could keep by working out the area of all the chicken coops. We can only place 9 hens per square meter inside the coops. The chicken run has an area of approx 118m squared.

We calculated the area of each coop be multiplying the length by the width. (A = L X W)

Message from Executive Chef, Bodnant Welsh Food Centre

Click the photo to go to the Bodnant Welsh Food site

Bore Da. Thank you so much for your email and for thinking of us here at Bodnant Welsh Food. I think this project is an amazing and fantastic idea for us to have your eggs here in Bodnant, I shall speak to my manager and also forward your email to him. I also mentioned to Mrs Jones Dosbarth Bodnant that I would love to purchase your eggs to use in the Hayloft Restaurant, I cant think of anything better than having such a wonderful project and being able to utilise it with our restaurant and menus. Thank you once again and I look forward to my sample, I shall e-mail you soon.
Kind Regards
Clare Jones
Executive Chef
Message from eBay member copperblack1011 Hi , will post 6 french copper blue maran on monday, should receive tuesday by 1pm, eggs will hatch 50% copper blue ,25% copper black and 25% splash marans ,it gives us great pleasure to send these eggs to your school free of charge, these childen are very lucky to get a very good start in life from your school, any problems please get in touch.
We have bought around a hundred eggs on ebay and these were placed in incubators around the school. The eggs have started hatching and are very beautiful. Read on to learn more about this project….. With so many chicks we had to extend the chicken run to make room for them all!


Thanks to graffiti artist Any Birch of Dime One we now have our very own egg label for the 600 egg boxes that we have bought. Thanks Andy!!!!

We have lots of his art work all over the school. You can contact him at dime_one@hotmail.o.uk

Photocopying the design



Quality Control

Today was a very busy Eco Club meeting and was more like a factory…. Printing labels, cutting labels to fit the boxes, pasting the labels on the boxes. Inside each box we left instructions so parents can ask in Welsh whether their children want an egg.

Wy = egg

Wyau= eggs

Wyt ti eisiau wy wedi ei ferwi?
Do you want a boiled egg?

Wyt ti eisiau brechdanau wy i ginio?
Would you like egg sandwiches for school?

Wyt ti eisiau wy wedi’i ffrio?
Would you like a fried egg?

Oes os gwelwch yn dda (yes please)
Dim diolch (no thanks)

Wyt ti’n hoffi wyau San Sior?
Do you like San Sior eggs?

Ydw (yes)
Nac ydw (no)

New feeding station made out of recycled car mudflaps!It even collects rainwater for the chickens!
The chicken run has now been extended and runs the length of the whole school. It hasn’t been easy clearing the bramble!

This section will be used to accommodate our golden pheasants (if the eggs hatch!) and a few bantam hens.

This is the fox den which is just outside Year 2

We have been very busy extending the chicken run. We placed railway sleepers at the front and very large logs at the back to stop the foxes from getting into the chicken run and eating our chickens.

This is a Silver Appenzeller Spitzhauben chick. It is such a cool bird with a funky punk rocker hairstyle! They come from Switzerland and are quite rare. After the second world war they almost became extinct. They are excellent climbers and are good at flying and like to roost in trees.

This is a Silver Appenzeller Spitzhauben chick. Doesn’t he look cool with his funky hairdo?

It’s great to see the nursery Class collecting eggs from the chickens


We have bought 100 eggs and they have started hatching. These photos are from the Reception Class and are silver-laced Wyandotte Bantams. 5 of the 6 eggs hatched and they are now in a brooder under red lights to keep them warm. Almost every class has hatched eggs this Spring.
We have two types of incubator. One holds just eggs and the other holds about 24 eggs.Chicken eggs need to be incubated for 21 days at 37.5CThe incubator turns the eggs and after 19 days the incubator stops turning the eggs.


Eggs hatching in incubator 21 days later – just hatched and exhausted! Just one day later and they are running around!


The Eco Club regularly clear out the chickens. This photograph was taken after new bark was placed on the floor of the chicken run. It was a very messy job and afterwards we were rewarded with eggs to take home. We feed the chickens on fresh food, corn and layers pellets. Because of this they lay the tastiest eggs…


An unusually large egg was laid in the nest box today…

We cracked the egg open to find – a double yolk!