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Our school is proud to display the Eco Flag.The Eco-Council meet twice a term and we discuss ways we can make the school a greener school. You can read our Environmental Review below and our Action Plan.Click here to hear what our parents say!How eco are we? Click here Energy Makeover Plan


We have won £65,000 woth of solar panels in the Daily Post / British Gas competition. Thank you for supporting the school! We have also been awarded with the Recycling Innovation Award by the Environment minister for Wales!
Click here for Minutes of meetings





Eco Code

Environmental Review

Action Plan (2014/15)

Previous Action Plan

Application Form

Parents’ Comments





At San Sior we take litter very seriously. So seriously in fact that this year we have removed all litter bins from the classes and the staff room. Each term we have a vist from the \’Lions of Llandudno\’ who inspect the school grounds and award us with a gold star if we have no litter. Groups of children called \’Litter Bugs\’ regularly patrol the school collecting litter.




We recycle our paper, plastic, metal, cardboard and we compost all our garden waste.Year 6 Eco Warriors visit each class at the end of each day to check that all classes have correctly used the recycling bins around the school.
Keep Wales Tidy Award ‘Recycling Innovation’ Award Winner 2013!

From having two 1100litre bins two years ago to one 240litre bin. We are closer to our target of becoming bin-free!

Costs per year :

  • 48 bin collections = £228
  • 48 food collections = £120
  • 24 tin collections = £42
  • Paper bin emptied when full

Click here for presentation given at Venue Cymru to Secondary Schools.




  Not only do we reduce the carbon emissions by managing energy use around the school but we save money – money that we can use to buy books and go on exciting school trips. Energy monitors visit the classrooms each term to check lights etc and award green points.We hope to have solar panels installed soon and have the lights in the school replaced by low energy led lights.

Generation Green Press Release

Generation Green Report

tariff 1 Our first Feed in Tariff from the Solar Panels



Wales it’s easy to take water for granted but we save energy in a variety of ways at the school and have placed water hippos in some of the toilets, we also have water butts for watering the gardens.
We carried out a survey and counted how many times the toilets were flushed in one day. We multiplied this by……. (volume of a water hippo) and calculated that in one day we saved …. litres of water. In a year that’s ……. which is the same as ….. baths.


Transport You only need to look outside the school at the end of the school day to see how much we rely on the car. We encourage the children to walk to school and we have exciting walk to school badges with lots of different designs that are handed out after we have walked to school

 Healthy Living All are encouraged to eat healthily at the school and only fruit is allowed to be eaten during playtimes (this also reduces the litter problem) We have a mobile fruit tuck shop too and we have a School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) The children get to cook a meal with Mrs Bassett and a teacher.One of the most popular clubs at the school is the Cookery Club run by Miss Lewis. Delicious meals are made each week culminating at the end of the year in the ‘Masterchef Challenge’.Fresh eggs are collected each day from the school chickens and now the eggs are sold to the parents.


Tir yr Ysgol

School Grounds

We have amazing gardens at the school. We have a Butterfly garden with a pond where we can pond dip and where the moth traps are set up most evenings from March through to October. We also have lovely formal gardens with a beautiful mural depicting a celtic tale and each class takes responsibility for tending to their gardens. We have won Llandudno in Bloom regularly since 1999 and encourage wildlife to the school grounds with insect boxes and plants that encourage wildlife. This year we came first in the Llandudno in Bloom competition and were awarded Gold in the Wildlife Gardening North Wales competition. We have cameras in bird boxes so we can see the blue tits raising chicks, we carry out exciting potato trap projects in the insect garden as well, linking our school with schools from every corner of the globe. We have also planted lots of trees to the school to encourage wildlife and give us a pleasant shady area to sit on the school field. We keep chickens and grow our own vegetables in our raised vegetable gardens. Our school orchard is developing nicely with Welsh varieties of fruit trees. This year we have built two new oak cabins where we can work outside and the oak tree was sourced locally Nant Glyn in Denbighshire. The cabins are amazing.