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Eco Club

Eco Club is very popular and is run by Mr Jones. We meet on Thursdays. The club is linked to the activites of the Eco School. We look after the gardens, care for the chickens, pond dip, moth trap and care for the school exotic creatures. We usually get our hands dirty!It is important that the children check at the beginning of the week to determine whether club is on as it can be cancelled at short notice due to Mr Jones’ diary.As with all the school’s web pages, most recent activity is normally at the top of the page.Read about our Titan Arum here  dirty hands

We have been tweeting our Eco Club photos recently so here are a selection of photos to show what we have been doing.

 golden pheasanta a golden pheasant  Our golden pheasants have changed so much since they hatched in May. You can easily tell the males from the females. The males are showing off to the females at the moment and are running in front of the hens and then spreading their tail feathers as if to say ‘look at me!’ We have two males and three females and we hope that they will breed. They are in the middle of the playground and are very used to us playing around them. We have added the twelve quail that we hatched to their enclosure and they are also doing very well.Scroll down to see how they are looking now! They are amazing (well the males at least)

golden pheasant2 golden pheasant1 Our Golden Pheasants now look superb.We love watching the male courting the female. He runs around and flattens his body and he expands the crest around his face.

Several of our meetings were dedicated to planting trees to attract more wildlife and also fruit trees to our orchard

tree planting5 tree planting tree plantingb tree planting9
tree planting7 tree planting4 tree planting2
tree planting3 tree planting8 tree plantinge


  Last week Mr Jones fimed some programmes for S4C and got some great shots of hedgehogs at night using these night vision cameras.Today we set our new night vision camera in the Butterfly Garden to see who has been visiting the school at night.Can you identify the birds?Click enlarge on the bottom tight of the video screen
award The Eco Council have returned from Cardiff where they were awarded the Recycling Innovation Award by the Environment Minister for Wales.This was a Keep Wales Tidy Award.Recognition for all our hard work is wonderful. We have replaced two 1100litre bins with just one 240litre bin. We are well on our way to become a bin-free school!
treeplanting1 treeplanting2 We added another 8 fruit trees to our school orchard today. They were each Welsh varieties of apple and pear trees. This is the best time of year to plant trees. Last week we planted birch and rowan trees between the school field and the car park
Today we set mammal traps in the Butterfly Garden to see what vsits our garden at night. This is how it works. We place food on the tray and on either side is an ink pad (black poster paint poweder mixed with olive oil). The creature will enter the tunnel, walk to the food but in so doing they will get their feet inked; they will then walk their footprints over the paper.Here is the evidence that we have collected: mammal tracking1 mammal tracking2



Hedgehog footprints

Wood Mouse footprints

Afalau Coch San Sior

eco apples 4 Today we collected 21kg of eating apples and 9 kg of cooking apples from the trees in our orchard.We are going to make an apple crumble with the cooking apples and we will sell the eating apples in the school Fruit Tuck Shop later this week. eco apples 2

eco apples1

eco apples 3

eco apples 5

Clwb Eco

Dosbarth Meithrin

A bumper harvest for the Eco Club this year. Digon o datws a bwced yn llawn o Erin Mair a riwbob. Da iawn clwb Eco!

harvest7 harvest12 harvest13





harvest9 harvest6
harvest5 harvest8 harvest11
owl6 raptor day 1

Today the Coastal Hawks Project visited our school. We had an amazing morning and learnt all about owls. There are 6 species of owl in the United Kingdom and they area : Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Little Owl, Short-eared owl, Long-eared owl and Eagle Owl. Did you know that when you hear a tawny owl’s ‘twit-twoo’ at night that it is actually two tawny owls, the ‘twit’ is one bird’s call and is answered by another bird’s ‘twoo’




eagle owl

harris hawk 3

We held a piece of chicken and we tapped the leather glove that we were wearing. The Harris Hawk was released and it flew over to us and ate the chicken.

harris hawk1

harris hawk 2



Today an apiarist (someone who keeps bees) visited our school.We got to taste honey, look at bees in a mobile bee hive and we did work sheets about bees to see what we knew. In our school we want our children to experience things that they might never do again in their life.This bee work has made us think about how important bees are to the world and Mr Jones keeps going on about getting a bee hive.By Summer & Erin.




Here we spot the queen bee.

There is only one in the hive.

It was fascinating to watch the bees busy at work

Learning all about beeswax.




Learning about the queen bee, the workers and the males…

Here is a San Sior apiarist!

The honey tasting session was fun, and we loved the strawberry honey!!


poplarhawkconwy1 poplarhawk conwy2

Look at what Dosbarth Conwy caught in the moth trap today. A huge poplar hawkmoth.

They also caught a burnished brass moth which looked like a piece of polished gold.



ecochallenge1 We Won the Welsh Water Alwen Reservoir Eco Challenge!But even better than this is the link that we created with another Eco School – Ysgol Llandrillo yn Rhos. We look forward to sharing ideas with the children of this school
We chitted the potatoes today leaving just two growths on each potato. We will leave them for a week before planting. potato2 potato1 potato3
daffs 100 daffodils in pots brightened the entrance to the school until the wind dried the soil and blew them all over the place. Here we are planting them ready for a golden display next Srping… Get digging!


It’s great to see the nursery Class collecting eggs from the chickens
bodnantchickens1 bodnantchickens2 bodnantchickens3


chicken extension1 These Year 6 worked so hard this afternoon shifting bark mulch and 12 railway sleepers to extend the chicken run. Well done boys!But lets make it even bigger as we have 50 eggs due to hatch in the next few days!!!!
We have bought 74 eggs and they have started hatching. These are from the Reception Class.

eggs hatching just hatched
Eggs in incubator 21 days later – just hatched a day later!



This month we have been very busy indeed. We have two new silver laced wyandotte chickens and they are beautiful. They are bantam hens and so are a little smaller than the others. One is a cockerel and he crows loudly. We put in a new chicken coop and wheelbarrowed lots of fresh bark into the chicken run. Now it looks fantastic.We have also moved all the daffodils from the greenhouse to the front of the school. Most are in bud and we hope they will all be in flower in time for St David’s Day. daffodil planting


This week we were very busy. We replanted our ‘Mother of Millions’ seedlings and then we drew the pygmy chameleons. ecomeet4 pygmycartoon


eco apples 3



We are the Directors of the ‘Monkey Business’. We have made a spreadsheet and it shows all the income and outgoings for our company. At the moment we are in the red, this isn’t good because it means we owe Mr Jones money. However we have just bought 100 monkey puzzle trees and 100 Christmas trees. and by the time we sell them all we will make some money. All the money is going to help the people and wildlife in Madagascar.

Monkey Puzzle Trees £3 & Christmas Trees £3


monkey business1

Challenge TITANUM


or Amorophaphallus Titanum to give it its proper name…

We really haven’t really thought this one through. This is the largest flower or inflorescence in the world (an inflorescence is a group or cluster of flowers arranged on a stem).


It flowers every 10 years and when it does it absolutely STINKS! When it flowers in Kew Gardens it makes headline news and hundreds of people go to see it. If we manage to grow and flower it we will probably be the first school in Britain to do so – so there’s a challenge!


titan seeds ebay
Here are the seeds that we bought. We bought one seed and it wasn’t cheap. We planted it as soon as it arrived and we are keeping it in a warm part of the school and will measure its height every week.For more information about the growth of our seed click here.



We will measure and weigh the plant regularly and record the results here…


Planting 240 daffodil bulbs takes time and patience!

planting daffs

planting daffs2

Dyma ni yn planu bylbiau cenin pedr

Dyma ni yn y ty gwydr poteli yn rhoi dwr i’r cenin pedr

We have bought 90 tiny Mother of Millions plant from Madagascar. We will grow these and sell them at our Summer Fair in 2013. It was a fiddly job planting them as they were so small.

Madagascar plants 2

Madagascar plants 3

Madagascar plants 5