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5 Gogarth


Hydref/ Autumn Gwanwyn / Spring  Haf / Summer SpellingBee

Spelling Lists

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Croeso i Dosbarth Gogarth


Welcome to Dosbarth






Environment week: September 8-12

Last week was our Environment week and we spent it harvesting some of the fruit that we grow at Ysgol San Siôr.

We picked apples off the trees on the school field and we eat some blackberries that were ripe for picking.

We used some of the eggs produced by our chickens to make a pancake mix. We sliced some apples which we fried and then poured pancake mix around to create some delicious pancakes.

Below are some pictures

Photo 10-09-2014 09 54 54 Photo 10-09-2014 09 53 36 Photo 10-09-2014 09 56 53
 Photo 10-09-2014 10 02 01  1 (7)  1 (8)


1 (9) 1 (13)  1 (12)




 3 Gorffennaf, 2014 / 3 July, 2014

Today Mr Price brought in two lambs hearts for us to look at and feel. We reminded ourselves about the workings of the heart and how it pumps blood around the body. We saw the 4 chambers (the left and right atrium and ventricle) and the valves that stop the blood from reversing around the body.

Below are a few pictures of us holding the heart.

Heart web4 Heart web3 Heart web2
 Heart web1 Heart web

27 Mehefin, 2014 / 27 June, 2014


On Friday we went to Nant Bwlch yr Haearn outdoor centre to have a day of activities. We did some indoor climbing, rode a zip wire, walked through the trees on a treetop walk and rowed a canoe on Llyn Geirionydd. We had a great time and below are some photographs of the day. Unfortunately we haven’t got a picture of Mr Price belly flopping into the lake!

Web (2)

Climbing the ladder ready for the zip line.

Will Bradley jump???


Yes he will. Zipping down towards us.

Web (3)

The rest of Bradley’s group help him downfrom the zip line.

Nice to see everyone working together.

Web (5)

Listening to instructions. Da iawn chi.

Web (8)

Which way do I hold this?

Web (4)

So excited to get wet

Web (6)

Working together to get the canoe

into Llyn Geirionydd.

Web (7)

Nearly time to get on the lake,

just a few more canoes

2Web 2Web (6) 2Web (4) 2Web (3)
2Web (9) 2Web (2) 2Web (10) 2Web (5)
2Web (8) 2Web (7)


 23 Mehefin, 2014 / 23 June, 2014

 Today Music in Motion came to our class to teach us how to sign Katy Perry’s Roar. We had great fun learning how to sign the song which we then performed with year 5 in the hall in front of the school.


Photo 23-06-2014 09 30 34 Photo 23-06-2014 09 30 20
 Photo 23-06-2014 09 30 15  Roar


 19 Mehefin, 2014 / 19 June, 2014

 Today we were visited by some lovely ladies who showed us bees. They explained to us how honey is created. We were allowed to try some products made from everything associated with honey. We tasted honey from a number of different countries and used hand cream. It was very informative.
2014-06-19 14.14.56 2014-06-19 14.29.30
 2014-06-19 14.02.05  2014-06-19 14.14.36
 2014-06-19 14.14.40  2014-06-19 14.27.09





Here are a couple of pictures from our Fairtrade fortnight. Have a look at our ‘Fairtrade committee’ page in ‘Our school’ for more information, work and pictures from our ‘Banana week’.

2013 – 2014

Below is what we shall be doing this term in class. If any parent or grandparent have any expertise or interest in the areas that we’re covering please contact me.

Hydref / Autumn

Gwanwyn / Spring

Haf / Summer

Rhagfyr / December

Nadolig Llawen

Merry Christmas


We have written a Christmas poem. Click below to read it.

Christmas Party

Tachwedd / November

Half term author

Rudyard Kipling is our half term author.

Mr Price will read stories to us from ‘Just So Stories’.


Wythnos Ieir / Chicken Week

Tachwedd 4-8 November

We have been making naked eggs this week!

What’s that?

There’ll be explanations on here soon.

Here’s a photo for you to see.

Naked egg

Hydref / October

Our Half term Authors

This half term we have been reading and listening to stories written by the Brothers Grimm.

Here is some information about these authors.

Please click on our names to see our work.

Photo 24-10-2013 12 06 02

Calli and Nell

Dylan and Mia

Ieuan and Freya

Mia O and Erin


History: The 19th Century

This term we have been looking at the 19th century and in particular Queen Victoria and her family. Here is some of the work we have done on the iPads using Book Creator.

Please click on our names to see our work.

Calli and Louis

Mia and Nell

Carys and Tom


Our topic in Science this term is materials. Mr Price gave us a challenge of creating a protective suit for an egg and seeing if it would survive being dropped onto the school yard. Here are some of the winners and losers.