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4 Mostyn


Hydref / Autumn Gwanwyn / Spring Haf / Summer SpellingBee

untitled          HWYL YNG NGLAN LLYN

Gorffennaf 6-8 2015


 IMG_3946  IMG_3945
 IMG_3934  IMG_3889
 IMG_3963  IMG_3954
 IMG_3891  IMG_3893
 IMG_3903  IMG_3904
 IMG_3905  IMG_3910
 IMG_3917  IMG_3919
 IMG_3928  IMG_3932
IMG_3926 IMG_3924
IMG_3818 IMG_3835
IMG_3831 IMG_3840
IMG_3854 IMG_3861
IMG_3859 IMG_3869

It’s BUZZING at Rhos Goch Farm!


Year 4 Eco- Officers visited Rhos Goch Farm’s amazing eco plot on Tuesday 30th June. Natural Buzz is a pollinator initiative run by Keep Wales Tidy. This year’s campaign was run in partnership with the Horticultural Trade association and Green Space Wales and was funded by the Welsh Government’s Nature Fund. Rhos Goch Farm high up in the Conwy Valley is one of five practical demonstration sites being transformed into a blaze of wildflowers and colour. We enjoyed helping to plant special apple trees, take part in a survey of hedgerow/ habitats/ minibeasts and meet important people who are supporting the initiative. We all agreed we’ll look forward to visiting again in the future. If you want to find out more look up Keep Wales Tidy online.

 buzzbannerport microscopelandscape  Bengrassport
 plantingtreeport  ecohuntlandscape  mulchport
gwylspictrees gwylpic2 gwylpic3



Mai/ May 2015



 IMG_3250 IMG_3259
 IMG_3279  IMG_3308  IMG_3293
 IMG_3310 We explored a variety of habitatsand found out about the animalsthat live in them. We built a bughotel, identified birds and nettedamazing pond creatures. This willbe used in our science work.  IMG_3273
 IMG_3304  IMG_3334  IMG_3300


Spring/ Gwanwyn 2015

We investigated Welsh Eisteddfod chairs and chair sculptures from around the world.

The investigation, and famous characters inspired our own chair sculptures, using materials we up-cycled.

When designing, it was important to estimate and imagine the size of our chairs in cm and mm,

because if they were too big, they wouldn’t all fit on our class exhibition wall!

 artdtspring2015 012   artdtspring2015 013
 artdtspring2015 014  artdtspring2015 001  artdtspring2015 002
 artdtspring2015 004  artdtspring2015 008  artdtspring2015 005
leek2DIWRNOD DEWI SANTSAINT DAVID’S DAYMarch/ Mawrth 2015  stdavidaydance15 009
 stdavidaydance15 002002   stdavidaydance15 003003
  stdavidaydance15 004004 Diwrnod Dewi Sant was a special day for Year 4, when we celebrated with dawnsio gwerin, folk dancing. Here we are warming up our dance moves, before everyone came towatch San Sior’s celebratory assembly.


February/ Chwefror 2015
 After lots of hard work, our Tudor shelters for rich or poor, were completed. Working in partners meant using good talking and listening, as well as applying our maths skills to measure and cut, or to estimate size. We had to use our historical research and our design drawings to gain results, which I’m sure you’ll agree, look authentic! As an eco-school we made sure we used lots of recycled materials, such as cereal boxes, card cylinders and acetate from packaging.
 dragonshouses15 013  dragonshouses15 014  dragonshouses15 021
 dragonshouses15 033  dragonshouses15 037  dragonshouses15 024

 Dawns Tuduriaid

Tudor Dance

Workshop with Huw Clogs

Ionawr/ January 2015

 Tudordanceworkshop1 (2) Tudordanceworkshop8 (2)  Tudordanceworkshop5 (2)
Tudordanceworkshop7 (2) Dosbarth Mostyn had a wonderful time exploring Tudor dances, which the rich or poor would have enjoyed.In between dances, Mr Huw Williams, played a variety of Tudor instruments, including the bag pipes. Tudordanceworkshop6 (2)
IMG_2896 IMG_2895 IMG_2904


Christmas Performance

Rhagfyr/ December 2014

 IMG_2747  IMG_2751
 IMG_2754  IMG_2759
 IMG_2755  IMG_2771
IMG_2767  IMG_2775


November/ Tachwedd 2014


We have been busy putting our maths

skills into action during our Design

Technology project. We used a Venn

Diagram to compare Speke Hall

and Plas Mawr. We also measured and

cut the wood to the sizes we’d planned

when designing shelters for Tudor rich or poor.

IMG_2713 IMG_2726



Hydref/October 2014

 techniquest 2 042  techniquest 2 043
 techniquest 2 046  TECHNIQUESTLANDSCAPE
 techniquest 2 044  techniquest 2 045
 Dosbarth Mostyn enjoyed a hands on day at Tehniquest learning and experiencing exciting parts of science. The day involved a solar panelled workshop where the children made some fantastic fairground rides which travelled at tremendous speeds! We also learnt many interesting facts about light and sound. We discovered that light travels in a straight line whilst sound travels in waves. We even learnt how suncream protects us from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. It was amazing. Everybody had fun trying to solve the puzzles and interactive activities.



16. 9. 14

 Plas mawr2014 001   Plas mawr2014 028
 Plas mawr2014 029  Plas mawr2014 013
 Plas mawr2014 019  Plas mawr2014 030
 Plas mawr2014 016  Plas mawr2014 023
 Plas mawr2014 008  Plas mawr2014 021
 Plas mawr2014 024  Plas mawr2014 022
 Year 4 Tudor detectives were at the ready, when we visited Plas Mawr Conwy to start off our new school year. We investigated the materials used to build the house and made felt Tudor Rose badges. We often spotted Robert and Dorothy Wynn’s initials amongst the plaster emblems, above fireplaces, on walls and on ceilings. Robert was an important local Tudor merchant and we enjoyed finding out how he and his wife must have lived from day to day over 450 years ago. We’ll use our investigating to make a leaflet for tourists to the house, build Tudor shelters for rich or poor and use a KHWL grid to find out more about the Tudor Rose. Thank you to CADW stewards who answered our questions and explained useful information.
glanllyn14 036

Dewch i Glan Llyn!

Mehefin/ June 16-18 2014

 glanllyn14 019

 We learnt lots of Welsh phrases while having fun during our stay at Glan Llyn, Bala.

 glanllyn14 002

Team work was essential when building rafts,

orienteering, rowing and paddling.

We had a great time!

 glanllyn14 023  glanllyn14 013  glanllyn14 021
 glanllyn14 014  glanllyn14 009  glanllyn14 017
 glanllyn14 025  glanllyn14 029  glanllyn14 030




Mai/ May 19th 2014

RSPB14 009

Our day at the R.S.P.B.

Conwy, was a marvellous

chance to investigate plants

and animals in their habitats,

as part of our science work

this term.

RSPB14 023 RSPB14 007 RSPB14 030
RSPB14 040


 RSPB14 037


On April 4th we visited Woodland Nature Reserve in Shrewsbury, to take part

in Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s SECRETS OF WASTE WORKSHOP.

Landfill site (6)

We were greeted by Ellie who explained what we’d be doing.Next we played a game that showed the life cycle of plants, grasshoppers,blackbirds and sparrowhawks.

Landfill site (20)

Landfill site (40)

 Following a short walk,

we learnt how we could

search for signs of wildlife.

There was lots to find!

Landfill site (34)

 Landfill site (29)

 We found a newt and a shield bug!

With Ellie’s help

we created life cycles with

the things we found.

 Landfill site (41)
 Landfill site (12)

 After lunch we went on a trailer ride

to see landfill sites owned by

Tudor Griffiths. Following another,

short bumpy ride we arrived

at the dusty recycling centre.

80% of the rubbish is recycled.

It is sorted into different pods

to be recycled and used all over

the world.

 Landfill site (19)
 Landfill site (49) Landfill site (61)  Landfill site (51)
 Landfill site (80)

 Holes made by quarrying sand

and gravel, are used

to create pods in the landfill site.

All the methane gas produced

by the site is collected and used in a mini

power station. Leachate is also collected.

Do you know what leachate is?

We didn’t until our trip!

 Landfill site (81)
Landfill site (90)

Finally we were invited to join

the Secrets of Waste Club.

We were given a bracelet on which to write

3 things we’d learnt during the day.

What an interesting day we all had!

Landfill site (1)

World Book Day at

Ysgol San Sior

Spring/ Gwanwyn 2014

To celebrate World Book Day lots
of children from Dosbarth Mostyn
dressed up as a character from
their favourite book.
Girls Alice
4 boys 3 boys
onesies Things


Can you

Cha Cha Cha?

Chwefror/ February 2014


class cha



Year 4’s dance lessons took a twizzle this February when a parent kindly volunteered her

ballroom expertise. After six lessons we could Cha Cha Cha and perform the

‘New Yorker’ with style and without treading on partners’ toes!


Chicken Week/ Wythnos Ieir

January/ Ionawr 2014

It was great fun inventing crazy instructions, how to catch a runaway San Sior chicken!

We were inspired by Roald Dahl, our author of the term’s book, ‘Danny Champion of the World’.

Danny learns about the’ Horsehair Stopper’ and ‘Sticky Hat’ methods to catch pheasants.

We noticed Dahl used time connectives when explaining the methods, so we also used-

First . . . Second . . . Third . . . Next . . . .Then . . . .Finally.

Our display shows ‘The Funky Chicken Method’, the ‘Fish me a Chicken Method’

and the ‘Glass Cage Method’ to name a few!



The Magical Christmas Jigsaw

Christmas Performance

Rhagfyr/ December 2013



whole class2



Journeys into Space

Art Project

Hydref/ October 2013





otis group

olivia's group

We used the Leonardo Effect to merge ourScience and Art Space topics this term.We evaluated artists’ work about journeys,including work by Welsh artists ClaudiaWilliams and Iwan Gwyn Parry.



The internet, books and our imagination inspired 4Bpencil sketches and mixed media samples inpreparation for our final group piece.As we worked on our final pieces, the Leonardo Effect happened! We began to find ourselves using’Space Talk’and ‘Art Talk’!” What’s the nearest planet to the sun?””Is Pluto the smallest planet?””Is this an exciting composition?”






It was off with the shoes and out with the buckets andspades, when six of our classes descended on West Shore!We set to work, building super sand castles for the sand castle competition. The photo below shows the moment when we waited with bated breath to find out which castle had won. When we returned to school Mr Jones gave usan ice lolly. Well done to the winners who were from Penrhyn and to everyone in Mostyn who worked hard. We had a lovely day.





Victorian Extravaganza

Llandudno, 4th- 6th May Mai 4ydd-6ed, 2013

Dosbarth Mostyn worked with a local business to make a shop window for the Extravaganza.

The nursery shop window in Mostyn Street has been transformed

into a sepia coloured, Victorian nursery.

Pupils were inspired by toys, cradles and perambulators galore!

Many tea bags and coffee granules were used to stain the pictures.

Well done to all the children who worked hard on their large drawings.



BOBs/SNAG Ebrill 2013

Year 4 have been busy working with Mrs Williams

from Bwyd o Bwys or the School Nutrition Action Group.

After learning about what makes a balanced plate,

how much sugar is lurking in our food and

how clean our hands were after washing, we were

ready to cook for our class. We made baked bean and

sweetcorn lasagne. This was a healthy and nutritious meal.

We’ll use the computer to graph the results of tasting.






hospice logo2


January/ Ionawr 2013

Here are the delighted Year 4 winners of a

poster competition organised by our local

St. David Hospice. Their fabulous work

will be used in all the Hospice shops to

promote volunteering. Our winners received

a well deserved goody bag and a certificate

for their hard work. Well done to you all!





What a to do!

Christmas performance

December/ Rhagfyr 2012



Our Silent Night performance was based on how this lovely carolcame into being. Franz Gruber of Oberndorf and Father Joseph,composed it in the late 18th century when their church organ broke.With the first ever performance on Christmas Eve, to a guitaraccompaniment; the carol gained worldwide renown.The children gave a super performance with, thigh slappingAustrian dances, singing in Welsh, English and German andalso naughty mice to blame for chewing a hole in the organ pipe!