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3 Haulfre


Hydref/ Autumn

Gwanwyn /Spring

Haf /Summer

Croeso i Dosbarth Haulfre

Tymor yr Hydref / Autumn Term

Ein thema ni y tymor yma yw Pobl Hapus ag Iach.

Our theme this term is Happy, Healthy People.

Llongyferchiadau mawr i’r plant a oedd yn lwyddiannus mewn cymryd rhan yn Sialens Darllen yr Haf eleni! Da iawn chi!!

Congratulations to the children who were successful in completing this year’s Summer Reading Challenge! Well done!!

RC 1

RC 2

RC 3

RC 4

RC 5

RC 6

RC 7


Recycling Max 2




On Monday, 16th September, Dosbarth Haulfre visited the recycling depot in Abergele.
Max Wharfe is a recycling enthusiast and was the reason for our invitation to witness the goings on of the recycling world. It was very interesting. We saw food waste, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminium cans being processed. It was a great afternoon and we learnt a lot about recycling.

Recycling all




Recycling Max 2

Dosbarth Haulfre worked with Mr Jones to write an imaginative piece about a magic box.

In our Magic Box

We will put in our box….

A tree dripping with Autumn gold,

The stench of a wheelie bin,

The roar of a giant dinosaur,

The tic-toc of a clock.

The crunch of a sweet,

The strongest man’s triceps,

All the time of the world,

The sound of the waves clashing against the rocks.

A bird’s quiet song,

The scorching heat of Cyprus,

A jagged piece of the moon,

The freeze of melting ice.

The muffled sound of footsteps,

The hot sparkle of a diamond,

The glaring stare of an eagle.

Our box is made of water and stars with rubber hinges from the past.


Bug Hunt 1

Bug Hunt 2

Helfa Chwilod

The school gardens at Ysgol San Sior offer a great opporunity to have a closer look at nature.

We found the bugs liked dark, damp places and found many different insects in leaf piles, under logs, in tiny nooks and crannies, as well as in plants and flowers.

We made a big effort not to disturb the bugs too much and left their homes exactly as we found them.

Bug Hunt

Bug Hunt 3

Bug Hunt 4


Healthy eating pictureGwyddoniaeth / Science

The focus of our science work has been food.

We have been looking at the importance of a healthy diet.

Food Plate

In our groups we were given a big food plate and a big selection of plastic food. Our objective was to sort the food into the correct food categories. The food plate has five categories.

The food plate shows us how to eat a balanced diet.

We were able to sort the different foods correctly and achieved our objective.

Food Group 1

Food Group 2

Food Group 3

We then placed our food on a food pyramid.

The red section at the top of the pyramid represents food we should not eat often. The orange section in the middle are types of food we should eat in moderation and the green section at the bottom are foods we should eat often.


Juicing Oranges

We carried out an investigation to discover if bigger oranges produce more juice. We investigated three different sized oranges, small, large and giant.

Different groups had different predictions:

Grwp Melyn: If the skin on the orange is thick the orange will have less juice. The small orange will have most juice as it has the thinnest skin.

Grwp Coch: Smaller oranges have less pulp and therefore will have more juice.

Grwp Glas: The orange with the most juice will be the giant orange as it is heavier than the other oranges.

Grwp Gwyrdd: The giant orange will have more juice because it has more pulp and will hold more juice.

Grwp Oren: The giant orange will have the most juice because there is more room for juice inside the orange and it is the heaviest.


Juicing 2

Carrying out the investigation was lots of fun and we found that Grwp Glas, Grwp Gwyrdd and Grwp Oren were correct as the giant orange did contain the most juice.

Measuring juice

After finishing the investigation and tidying up we were able to drink the juice.

It was delicious!

Tasting Juice

Tasting Juice 2

Salt Intake

After looking at food labels we learnt what the healthy intake of salt is for a healthy diet. We learnt that for an adult the recommended daily intake of salt is 6g. For children it is 5g.


We looked at 100g of salt and then attempted to guess what 5g of salt would look like.

It was a difficult task and only a handful of children estimated the correct amount of salt.

Following the discussion we had about salt we looked at the salt and fat content found in the packets of crisps we eat regularly. We learnt that more than 20g of fat per 100g and 1.5g of salt per 100g is considered unhealthy. Reading the labels on the crisps packet allowed us to sort the packets into our very own Venn diagrams. Some of the information shocked us! The salt and fat content on several packets of crisps were very high.

Crisps 2

Crisps 1

Crisps 3

The majority of crisps were high in fat.

A large number of the crisps were high in salt content.

No packet of crisps had a healthy level of fat and salt.

Crisps 4

Crsips 5


Wythnos Ieir / Chicken Week

Chicken week began with a discussion how we were going to take care of the chickens. We felt the best
person to ask was Mr Jones. We decided to interview Mr jones to get all the facts.
We enjoyed interviewing Mr Jones and found out all the facts we needed to know. We were then confident that we could take excellent care of the chickens.

To ensure we didn’t forget any of the information we created care sheets.

Care Sheet

As we were taking care of the chickens we decided it would only be appropriate if we were able to identify the chickens.
In order to do this we used the school website and chose five chickens to create an identification key for.

Key 1

Key 2

Chicken 1

Chicken 2

Chicken 3

Chicken 5


Gallery 1

Dosbarth Haulfre visited Oriel Mostyn in Llandudno to participate in a workshop all about portraits.

Our art topic this term is relationships and we have been investigating how photographs, prints, paintings and other images that include figures communicate ideas about relationships. The exhibition was excellent at bringing our learning to life.

When we first arrived at the gallery we all gathered in the workshop room and shared our ideas about portraits and we were told what to expect when we were allowed to explore the art work.

One artist, Franco Vaccari, had a whole room full of little photographs taken in photo booths. The people in the photographs were of all different ages and nationalities. The people were also in many different poses and no one picture was the same. We enjoyed walking around the exhibition looking at all the different pictures.

We were asked to imagine we were one of the poeple in the photographs. We pulled some funny faces!

We also really enjoyed exploring all the other different parts of the exhibition.

Gallery 2

Gallery 9

Gallery 9.1

Gallery 9.2

Gallery 6

Gallery 7

Our final activity of the morning was to draw our very own portrait.

On a black board that was the length of the room, with chalk, we all drew a self-portrait.

Gallery 8


Traditional Indian Dancing

Our music unit this term has been ‘Animal Magic’. We have been listening to pieces of music that inspire us to think about different animals.

One of our lessons taught us that in traditional Indian dance, there are specific movements for certain animals. We watched video clips of hasthas, traditional hand movements and tried to copy them.
















Alice 1

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Alice 2

Alice 3

Alice 4

Alice 5

Alice 9

We recently attended a dance workshop. The theme was Alice in Wonderland’s tea party. We watched the dancers as they performed several dances such as the Charleston, Flamenco, disco and contemporary. We were then put into groups and were asked to make up our own dance routines based on what we had seen. We came up with some excellent ideas and thoroughly enjoyed acting through dance.

Alice 10

Alice 6

Alice 7

Alice 8


Monty 1


Dosbarth Haulfre are very pleased to introduce the new member of our class, Monty the hamster.

Monty 2


Roedd ein sioe Nadolig blwyddyn yma llawn cymeriadau diddorol!

Our Christmas performance this year, ‘A Magical Christmas Jigsaw’, was full of interesting characters!

Stall 1

Stall 2

Stall 3

Stall holders

Roman 1

Roman 2

Roman 3


Nazarene 1

Nazarene 3

Nazarene 5

Nazarene 4

Nazarene 2

Nazarene 6


Angel 1

Angel 3

Angel 4

Angel 2


Relative 1

Relative 3

Relative 2

Inn keeper’s relatives

Shepherd 1

Shepherd 3

Shepherd 2


Hen 1

Mouse 1 Hen 2 Mouse 2

Hen 3

Mouse 3

Mice and Hens