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2 Seiriol


Hydref/ Autumn

Gwanwyn /Spring

Haf /Summer

Croeso i Dosbarth Seiriol
Welcome to Dosbarth Seiriol


We enjoyed making fruit and vegetable faces.

web photo 008.jpgweb photo web photo0005
016.jpg web photo 024.jpg web photo
009.jpgweb photo 010.jpgweb photo 15 web photo

We used all of the fruit and vegetables to make one large face. Later we made smaller ones in groups.


 Wythnos Ieir

3rd October, 2014

 230  219  209
 224  235
 We had great fun during chicken week looking after the hens and collecting eggs. Afterwards we predicted what would happen when the eggs were boiled for  1, 2, 3, and 4 minutes. Then we boiled the eggs and looked at them very carefully. We also sketched the chickens.
Our theme this term is Animals. We have been talking about our pets and have been lucky to have some pets in class for the day. Click here for more information about what we will be learning about this term

pet visits 018

web picture 2

web picture 3


We are looking after the tortoises in class. We have also been learning about lots of the other creatures all around school. We did an experiment to find out what food our tortoises like to eat best they love eating lettuce.



Alice Day

We went to Alice Day on the prom. We met lots of characters and we broke the record for the most jam tarts eaten at an Alice picnic!

alice day 2 alice day 1 alice day


alice day hare alice day 5


alice day 6 alice day 4 alice day 3


Our theme this term is food we have been looking at the work of Arcimboldo

Fruit and vegetable faces

We made faces using fruit and vegetables like the artist Arcimboldo. We think our work is as good as his! Afterwards we used the fruit and vegetables for our science work. We had a guessing game, we wore blindfolds and tried to guess what we were tasting.

Later we made soup using all of the vegetables that were left. We made sure nothing went to waste the chickens enjoyed the leftovers. There wasn’t much left because some of us ate four bowls of soup.


web page 2 web page 3

web page 8

web page


web page 5


Guessing Game

website website 3


Vegetable Soup

web pic
web pic 6


Chicken Week

We have been looking after the chickens all week. We have been very busy feeding them and giving them water. We have been collecting the eggs every morning and afternoon we kept a tally chart to record how many altogether.

chicken 1 chicken 2 chicken 3


chicken 4





We have been Observing the chickens very closely and we have been Sketching detailed pictures of them.


chicken 18 chicken 21 chicken 20
chicken 19 chicken 22

Chicken Poems

chicken poem chicken poem 2



Y Jambori

Pwy sy’n hoffi canu?

jambori 1



jambori 2 jambori 3


Tymor y Gwanwyn- Anifeiliaid

Mae Dosbarth Seiriol yn hoffi adeiladu.


We enjoy building all sorts of things with Lego and large blocks too.

building web site

building2 web site






Dysgu tu allan

We had fun making monsters, using natural materials which we found outdoors. We used our senses to help us with our ideas for poetry writing.


outdoors 1


outdoors 9 outdoors 5

A Busy Day at the Vets

We have been learning more about our pets by observing them in the classroom. Children have described their pets and answered lots of interesting questions about them.They even visited our role play area.




vets 4


Pwy sy’n helpu heddiw?


Beth ydy’r mochyn gini yn hoffi bwyta?
vets 6 (2) vets 3
vets vets 2

We have had a hamster and a Guinea Pig in class for the day. We are also finding out which foods our class tortoises like best.

vets 6 vets 11