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Blog 8

Year four – Dosbarth Mostyn Chicken Week
Reception – Dosbarth Conwy – Environment Week.
We can see our outdoor environment changing so lots of leaves are falling off the trees that
surround our school. They are brushed up by the juniors at playtime and taken either to the coops or compost area. The chickens love to scratch them around looking for bugs. Freya and
Lucas our head girl and head boy are arranging our WWF walk to school on October 14 emails will be sent out to parents with a time and place of meeting. Dosbarth Conwy have been mini beast hunting around the school field and butterfly gardens but had an exciting arrival on Tuesday two giant train millipedes or chongololo are in their classroom so they can watch how they move with all those legs and coil up. The children did notice how they eat the middle of the cucumber and not the outside of it! Mariah, Mason and Eira had a 2.45 pm appointment with Mr Jones to meet the new arrivals because two more bugs had arrived in the foyer. The jungle nymphs must of been hungry after their journey as they were busy eating the bramble they had a big spray of water too.
Cookery clwb had another busy session with group two this week making fruit salad with some of the apples from our field all peeling went into the coups and the rest to compost.
Dosbarth Mostyn as part of their chicken week made tally and bar charts to show different ways we like to eat our San Sior eggs. Also they wrote play scripts based on the fable The Tortoise and The Hare but used our chickens with an animal of their choice.
Dosbarth Seiriol collected ten eggs from the hens to do an egg investigation by describing how they thought the eggs would look after
1 min – raw
2 mins of cooking
4 mins of cooking
6 mins of cooking
10 mins of cooking
They then cracked the eggs open to see what they looked like.
Rev Townsend and his wife visited the school on Wednesday morning, this summer they had a long trip to Uganda with Bishop Andrew to visit Dokolo. They had made a slideshow of how the children greeted them when they arrived at our twin School . Rev Townsend explained how we just turn a tap on to get water but the children walk miles to collect water. Carys wanted to know why they didn’t build a well at the school? Also the school had no windows to allow air to circulate and the children and teachers sit under the trees to stay cool in the hot sun. It was a very different environment to San Sior. The staff and pupils kindly sent us a wooden statue of a rhino and their flag. We are now going to work with our twin school in lessons to learn more about Uganda and the people.
We have used a lot of bedding this week knowing the weather was turning on Friday with heavy rain and strong winds due. All the coups had a big clean ready for the change so another phone call was made by Sam to Helen in North Wales Joinery. Eight large bags of shavings arrived Sam, Regan, Flynn, Joe, Mia P and Ellie used the wheel barrows to move the bags to a dry area at the back of the school. We now need to store bedding ready for the winter months.
Eco clwb this week was the Pheasants it was a constructive hour clearing grass and weeds from around the base of the 200 Christmas trees we planted last Autumn.The grass and weeds had tangled around the bottom of the trees and it needed clearing so the trees could grow stronger. Bark was ordered to place around the cleared areas. The plan is to let them grow and sell them when they are big enough to raise money for school funds. Last Christmas we sold Monkey trees at the Xmas fair for parents/grandparents to plant in their gardens.
When that job was finished the children crossed back over to school to check the food and water in the coups while another group went to start clearing the weeds and leaves from the butterfly garden. We put all the weeds into buckets so the children could give them to the chickens. They were chuckling as they scratched around eating the bugs and leaves.
Friday afternoon the Eco council had their first meeting of the year. This years Eco council are
Florence and Josh – Dosbarth Seiriol
Eira and Frazer – Dosbarth Haulfre
Esme, Finlay and Kieran – Dosbarth Mostyn
Flynn and Tom – Dosbarth Gogarth
Lowri and Jamie – Dosbarth Enlli
We started the meeting by giving out Eco council badges and looked at some of the targets that were set last year to make sure we had followed them. Flynn and Tom will ask our caretaker Mr Jones to check our gas and electric readings over the summer months to compare them. We now have solar panels so it will be interesting to see how much power we are making and saving. The council also recommended now the temperature is dropping and the heating will go on to check all staff and pupils close windows and doors also that lights and monitors are switched off at playtimes. Josh thought our recycling is working well and everyone knew which bin to use. Lowri thought the teachers had helped at lot by encouraging us to recycle more. Finlay thought it works because we have the correct bins in place to recycle where everyone knows where they are. Flynn thought the pupils should be responsible for their packed lunch rubbish. Tom thought a new target would be to ask for donations of plants to help the bees and butterflies.
Also the materials had arrived to start building our outdoor classroom which will have a fire pit in it.
By the next meeting the Eco council will make new posters on recycling and the environment around the school, also to plan a service to explain why we are walking to school on the 14th October.
Still no sign of our female Yemen laying her eggs Mrs Roberts will check her over the weekend.
316 eggs were counted on the tally chart this week.