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Blog 9

Dosbarth Gogarth – Chicken week
Dosbarth Penrhyn – Enironment week
National Egg Week
Mae cychwyn yr wythnos wedi bod yn glyb ac yn wyntog – The beginning of the week has been very wet and windy.
On Monday morning before we all arrived at school Mr Jones the caretaker checked the school grounds to make sure there was no damage and also that the chickens and pheasants were safe too.
Dosbarth Gogarth needed their wellies and waterproofs this week collecting the eggs, the rain had turned our coups into big muddy puddles. Our chickens dont like the wet weather either and hide under or inside the houses trying not to get wet. The class will use this weeks egg production to make charts in maths.
Amelia and Sofia worked hard brushing all the leaves up but also taking the bits of rubbish out that had blown into the school and recycling it. Mr Jones gave them a Headteacher sticker for working so hard.
On Friday when school was closed our main coup was given a waterproof roof. Mr Jones the caretaker cleared some over hanging branches to make room for the new roof. He has cut them into smaller logs ready for our fire pit. The new roof will stop the ground getting so wet but also the chicken food, so no more muddy children or wet chickens. S4C are coming to film Ffermio on Tuesday 14th October that will be an exciting day for staff and pupils.
Dosbarth Penrhyn have been researching all about our Red Footed Tortoises, where they come from, what they like to eat and their habitats, the children saw the size difference between our baby and adult ones.
Dosbarth Seiriol cleaned the hogs this week and washed the wheels they play on. We use wood pellets as bedding so we can recycle them when finished. Also the children held the hogs and could feel their heart beats. Eira are female was happy to be stroked but Iolo the male curled up in a ball.
Dosbarth Bodnant made vegtable soup, the children brought vegtables from home to celebrate Harvest. Mrs Jones helped them to chop all the vegtables up. Then they made soup ready to take to the Secret Garden to eat in the log cabin.
BBC Radio Cymru came to do their radio programme from the juniors yard on Wednesday morning. Rhaglen Dylan spoke to the children about our free range eggs. The juniors sat in the hall listening to the radio show broadcasting live you could here our cockeral shouting and the pheasants whistling this made us giggle.
Dosbarth Gogarth had SNAG on Wednesday afternoon we helped to celebrate National Egg Week so Otis and Leory collected 10 eggs from the hens to make carrot and orange cake. Charlie thought it was hard work grating all the carrots while Otis and Theo loved cracking the eggs. All the peelings and egg shells went into our compost bins. The smell of the cake cooking had all the group hungry. Mr Price gathered all the juniors in the hall to taste the cooked cake, It was a huge sucess and no crumbs were left.
Dosbarth Conwy for the Harvest made Mr Potato Heads this was lots of fun using different vegtables.
Mariah, Mason and Eira had an 2.45 appointment with Mr Jones to look at our Blue Tongued Skink, when they stick their tongue out its dark blue.
Carys was topping waters up in the reptile tanks on Thursday and found our Berber Skink dead it was a bit of a shock as he had showed no signs of being poorly. Also in our nursery coup we found one of our Marons dead, a sad end to the week.
We produced our own cookery book with the help of all the parents, children and staff last summer. John Williams tweeted a message to the school to let us know he likes the egg and chicken recipes from our cookbook.
There was no Eco clwb this week as Mr Jones had an appointment.
Thursday morning Flynn and Joe helped clean all the shed out ready for the weekend. They moved the 6 chicks into a clean brooder and washed the dirty ones. Also they brushed the floor and tidied the egg boxes up. We pack all the eggs layed in the shed. The boys also got 120 eggs ready for CacenGri/Welshcake Co.
On Saturday Mr Jones took the millipede or Chongololo to the radio show in Bangor on the pictures you can see it walking across the desk during the programme.
310 eggs were counted on the tally chart this week.